Friday, June 29, 2012

Maddox began PT about four months ago.  Twice a month, we visit a local gym and Maddox gets to "play" for an hour.  
 When things seem a little challenging to Maddox, be it in speech or PT, she will look at the therapist and say, "Mommy do it" with the sweetest yet kind of whiney little voice.  It is her way of letting us know that she is intimidated by what she has been asked to do for fear of failure - our girl is smart, she knows when things are going to be hard for her to do.  

 Summer has been great too for building Maddox's strength.  We have spent countless hours at the pool with friends and she LOVES the water.  
 It seems our little one is currently progressing steadily with speech as well.  She recently has gained the ability to tattle on her siblings:) Most of the time she is all smiles.  However, her other "recent" is her attitude....we all have to turn our heads when we see that we have made her a bit angry - it is quite funny and for the first time in my parenting history, I find myself wanting to actually video tape her during one of her rants.  When someone in our family tells her something that she disagrees with, she throws her finger up in the air, raises her voice and says, "Never! Never! Never!"  All the while, her whole body is moving back and forth.  It really should not be recognized as "cute" but....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet Miss Adorable

Meet Miss Adorable
She took my breath away a few months ago.  So much so that I requested her file and had it reviewed by a well known cardiac specialist.  So much so that I was sad yet overjoyed when I saw that she had found her family.
However, just a few days ago, Miss Adorable showed up again.  It seems her family was unable to proceed with her adoption.  
Just look at that sweet little face.  She is Maddox's size exactly according to her file - tiny yet thriving despite her serious heart condition.  She needs a family.  She desperately needs medical intervention.  She deserves to know love.
Many ask "Why?" "Why do people adopt over and over and over?"  Look at this face and ask yourself, "Why not?"  She is a picture of a waiting child.  A child who needs medical care - yesterday.  She will not survive if she continues to go without surgery.  

Camp St. Christopher - Seabrook Island
 Today was a big day for my guys.  Together we drove to Camp St. Christopher to drop these two off for the week.  They were all smiles and laughter right up until the very last moment.....
and then the bottom dropped....heavy heart tonight as I go to bed...praying my boys are happy and having the time of their lives!