Saturday, August 30, 2014

An update without goes our life at this moment.

*Maddox was evaluated Friday by her private speech therapist and it was determined that she no longer requires private speech therapy!  We are so proud of her though she was a little sad to say goodbye to Miss Christy!

*Maryn was also evaluated by Miss Christy and she suggested we either see her once a month or re-evaluate in three months.  I prefer her to be seen once a month just to be cautious but she is doing fabulous.  She is now saying our names, she says "baby" and it is the sweetest sound ever, she says down and immediately gets down from my hip to walk and play, she sign and says "more" as well as "please", she follows simple commands, she makes great eye contact...

*Colin visited our local high school and was not at all impressed - he made us all laugh when he stated that he wasn't sure how anyone went to school because it seemed so "depressing....the walls are all white....there is no color" home he stays.  He has such a fabulous group of friends and his teachers are phenomenal so we will stick with it for now.

*Pryce is just loving life.  School makes him happy.  His ripstick and Legos make him happier.  And he found a pond today in our new neighborhood that he can fish in....he is one happy kiddo!

*Ryan and I are swimming like we are in the minute we are coming up for air only to be knocked back down again by another wave.  Our lives are busy.  There have been forgotten appointments, missed phone calls, as well as little sleep.  Boxes are still full.  Furniture still waits to be placed in its appropriate place.  Decor is going to be put up next year - ha!  Who has time for that?!  That said, we LOVE our new home.  We did not realize just how much more space we would have until we moved in.  On paper it didn't look that large....we are grateful for the breathing room we now have amongst our growing family.  Our neighbors have welcomed us with open arms which has been an answer to prayer.  The children have already hit it off with kids in the neighborhood playing football, riding bikes, going to the park...

*Maryn continues to settle in.  She is all sugar and spice!  She is the sweetest, her beautiful eyes light up  every morning when she awakes, she loves to cuddle up in my arms at naptime and bedtime, she adores her siblings.  She loves to be outside.  She loves to swing.  Watching her explore could occupy every moment of my time - everything is a first for her!  This week I especially enjoyed watching her step in a puddle of water....she walked in it with caution, then stomped her foot down, then started marching, then squatted down to feel with her hands, and then just decided to sit down and play in it with her hands!  So precious!  There are times, though, where we see her spicey side come to life.  She has no problem arching her back in protest or screaming loudly so that all the world will know she is unhappy.  So goes the life of a two year old.

*While Maddox adores her new little sister, she is grieving her previous position in the family - being the baby.  We are all learning how to respond to Maddox's needs so that she is not feeling left out....however, this task can be a challenge.

*Ballet has begun, baseball is on the horizon, basketball is in full swing, piano is beginning, co-op occurs in between all of the above and school is in session.

So that is our current status in a nutshell.  Life is busy but we would not change it for