Thursday, November 20, 2014

Catching Up

We began our month of November with the sweet homecoming of Anna!  We have prayed Anna home for months and we were filled with joy to see her as she walked off of the plane with her family!  Absolutely precious....
Dates with two of my girls are always fun....this date was to see Dolphin Tale 2!  This green-tongued beauty is a prime example of what can happen when you allow your five year old to eat a Fun Dip in the dark - eek!
Brrrr!  It has been especially cold in our neck of the woods!  The children all know that when the going gets cold, the cold get STARBUCKS hot chocolate.  Fun, spur of the moment outing with all of my kiddos....
Homeschooling is made so much more possible with the loving support of our co-op friends!  
MK got a blue ribbon on art night!  She was so proud and we were too!
Orphans no more!  So thankful for our adoption group!  We were more than pleased to have our friends over for our first adoption gathering in our new home!  Great memories!