Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boston - Day 4

Day 4 in Boston began real early.  Every other morning, we all enjoyed sleeping in.  On this morning, we decided to make one last attempt to go whale watching.  We purchased out tickets the night before and as we were driving into the parking garage, we got a call saying the tour had been cancelled due to "rough seas."  Blah.  
 So, Plan B was installed and we made our way over to the Boston Tea Party museum.  A high school friend, who we randomly ran into the day before, suggested this museum and it did not disappoint.  
 There were actors and movies and speaking parts for our kiddos.
 The best part was when the boys were asked to throw the tea overboard.....
 Following our tea party tour, we made way to the Hard Rock Cafe for a quick lunch and then boarded the T for our ride over to the Boston College stadium to see Clemson play a little football.
Yes, the boys wore these wigs  The compliments were aplenty.  The Tigers scored a winning game so all three of my boys left with a smile on their face!  Following our game night, we afforded ourselves with one last bite of our fav Bertuccis and then it was off for a few hours sleep before our way too early flight home.  
Loved this time with my boys!  Thank you to Gran, Pop, G-Mom and G-Dad who held down the fort with our girls at home!