Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THANK YOU to all who participated in our IPAD Mini raffle!  We began our fundraising with one goal - $8,000.  In the process of fundraising, we were offered a dollar for dollar match up to $10,000.  Amazing!  We then decided to push and push to get as close to $10,000 as possible.....I am happy to report that we came pretty close at an astounding number of $9600!  Last Thursday proved to be a lot of fun with the boys as we trekked over to the Apple store to purchase the Ipad Mini and then we "kidnapped" our good friends and headed out to Brusters for a little ice cream celebration!  And in between it all, I think we have *finally* agreed on a name.  And we have officially signed with an agency.  And we have collected the majority of the documents for our dossier and homestudy.  As MK likes to say, this is all "stupendous" and we are thrilled to be on our way to bringing our little girl home!
On Friday, we made a trip to the zoo to meet up with some out-of-town friends who just happen to have a little guy, David, who was with MK in Dianjiang, China, AND who have a new little one who is from Maddox's province.  Small world.  
Saturday morning began with ticket folding.  The bucket we intended to draw from was much to small so we went with the pillow case option.  
And the winner is......M Monts, our southern friend who we lived next door to in Boston!  Not to mention, he is the most "techy" guy I have ever met and loves new little gadgets!
And on Saturday during our big reveal, we had a house filled with Asian joy!  Our friends are the best and I stand amazed each time we gather together - look at these beauties, each have their own story of being and each are loved beyond measure!  
Sunday was filled with some additional fundraising fun - painting with friends and EMMA!  And GRAN.  And AUNT NELLIE.  And SUPPORTERS who love ADOPTION.
Our little one likes her sleep and found a comfy spot on her daddy's shoulder to nestle into for a mid-afternoon nap. 
Our crowd painting their treasures...
the treasures!  Can't wait to see the finished products all shiny and ready to use!  THANK YOU to those who came out to paint with us!
And, in the middle of our fun, a little mishap occurred.  
Ryan, innocently cooking, went to grab the salt from our glass cabinet.  Lo and behold, he opened the cabinet and the entire glass panel fell to the.....STOVE TOP.  One would expect the glass would have shattered.  Nope.  The glass panel is all in one piece.  However, our stove was not so lucky.