Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here is silly little Maddox....she poses for the camera, hand always on at least one hip and she squints her little nose up and just laughs and laughs, she knows she is being cute :) She is beginning to shed some hope in her speech - she now says "I love Momma", well, ok, I do help her! However, she is getting several phrases and words that at least we can understand....and she is blowing her little horn! And with every sound she immediately puts her hand in the air for a high five! She is so proud. She continues to just charm us all :)
And this little, you just don't know how sick she was!
Poor baby girl sat on our couch or in the car for a whole week, not eating, not talking, not smiling, nada - she was in PAIN. Today, though, we are glad to have her back!

She said today, "It doesn't hurt when I eat!" "I can even eat ice cream and it doesn't hurt my tongue or my throat!" and my favorite, "I can finally eat again with my family!" Tonight at dinner she prayed and she thanked God herself for her healing - yep, so glad to have her back!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Update

We saw our MK today! She is back - her smiling, sassy, giggly self. And she was hungry, real hungry! She has eaten ALL.DAY.LONG! Peanuts. Tacos - soft shell, of course. Cereal. Yogurt. Pudding. Jello. And then more peanuts, tacos, cereal, yogurt, pudding and Jello. No kidding. My favorite MK saying for today was when she announced, "I feel like smiling!" So glad to have her back!