Saturday, October 5, 2013


Our week began with a bang.  Literally.  We were all excited to have the opportunity to go to an Atlanta Braves game as a family, their final game of the regular season.  The drive into Atlanta was easy and smooth.  The drive into the parking space, not so much.  I plowed right into the parked car that was in the space beside the one I was pulling into.  With Ryan's jaw flinching, my first thought was how much money it was going to cost to fix both cars.  Yikes.  My second thought was trying to determine just how far we should move our car away....I was worried that the owners of the damaged car would make an ugly scene in front of my children.  Luckily, we did not allow this damper to dampen our spirits and we headed into the game for a nice afternoon.  We settled into our seats and then entered the singing chimney, aka the guy seated beside me.  I promise you all that he wreaked of smoke and I am most positive I inhaled second hand smoke even though he never lit up during the game.  And if I didn't inhale second hand smoke, I can promise you all that I was a bit woozy from the stale beer stench that situated itself on this guy.  The most entertaining part was hearing him sing the Indian chant as the fans performed "the chop."  
But alas, this was a game for the children so we put on our best game face, did the wave several times as it made its way through the stands, purchased way-too-expensive drinks without choking on the costs, and really had a fantastic afternoon.  Sad to have gone without my camera:/  We called my Nannie on the way home and discussed the game play-by-play with her.....of course, she had been watching in the comforts of her own home while seated in her recliner.  I must note that I had never heard my Nannie say a bad word until I watched a Braves game with her.  She is intense!  
After the game, we dined at our beloved Cheesecake Factory.  And I may have made myself known when I kindly demanded that my burrito be served with the "white sauce" like it used to be prepared.  After much ado about nothing, turns out the "white sauce" is actually a GREEN sauce.  This will be a memory for Pryce to share.  
And we drove home to begin our packing for a trip that was just not meant to be.  
 I have said all year that I did NOT want to be home the day I turned 40.  So, we planned a family trip to Washington, D.C.  And on Monday, Oct. 1, that all changed abruptly due to the government shutdown, leaving us scrambling for something/anything to do because I refused to be home on my 40th birthday.  
 At the end of the day, after a bit of pouting from everyone involved, ahem, me, we chose home as our place to celebrate my 40 years of life. 
 A pedicure with a best friend, sweet delights from another bestie who knows me very well, lots of cards and Facebook messages, a call from my dad singing his annual birthday song, a call from my "sista" singing her annual rendition of the birthday song, a homemade birthday cake from my sweet neighbor - the best part?  she only put 25 candles on it!  PERFECTION!  
And there was my sweet family.  How I am so thankful each day for the joy they bring to my life.  Pryce made me breakfast in bed while Colin cooked breakfast for the rest; we headed out early to surprise a few dear ones in our life with goodies, a tradition on my birthday; lunch sitting outside at my kiddos' favorite, Moe's; dinner at another local favorite; and the highlight? Family Laser Tag.  I lost.  Maddox won.  And it was played fair.  And the vest was bigger than she was/is.  Hilarious.  Hats off to Ryan who made my day of turning old very enjoyable:)
And then we dreamed a little while walking through a few homes that are currently being built.  To move, or not to move, that is the question???!!!
And then there is Finley....precious little puppy turned 6 years old.  He always makes us laugh when he makes himself comfortable in every single place we encourage him not to!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's another win for the Greenbrier Wolfpack and we were thrilled to have some extra cheerers in the stands for our favorite football player, Pryce.  My sister and her children made the early morning drive to the game and spent some time visiting with thankful for them!
 P is thoroughly enjoying his time on the field each week.  The added bonus is that his teammates are three of his very best friends and they have all had a tremendous season of tackles and running and just good fun.
 I had to add in this picture....he just makes me laugh because he has inherited his mother's love for sweets and he was caught in the act of eating one of his favorites, a fresh Krispy Kreme donut.
 Following a morning of football, and an afternoon of jewelry selling, our home opened up to all of our adoption friends and their families!  
 Chloe seemed to enjoy every single moment of her time outside swinging and sliding....and, oh the food, she asked for more and more!  Little one has gained 7lbs since coming home one month ago!
 The weather could not have been more enjoyable.  The children played and played outside....jumping on the trampoline, swinging, FOOTBALL playing, sliding and mothers chatting.  Meanwhile, the men were immersed in the many college football games taking place on our little tv inside.  
 And the red couch funny that these guys don't even give us a hard time about this anymore....they know the drill....of course, I may have promised a donut AND a cookie to those who came inside for this photo op:)