Friday, September 25, 2015

What We Have Been Up To - Fall 2015

Family of 5 = Busy-ness times 5!
We are loving every minute of it and would not have it any other way!
Pryce began Social classes this year.  Social is a formal dance club for 7th grade and up.  Pryce and his friends have a great group attending their class....
watching these two young men grow together makes my heart smile.  They have been inseparable since first grade and I love their friendship!
And Kayley.  Kayley is Pryce's partner for Social.  Kayley was a fellow kindergarten classmate of Pryce's and now they homeschool together.  So fun to have them together on the dance floor!
After six years of homeschooling everyone, Colin and MK went to school this year.  Colin is adjusting and has gone from "hating" it to "sort of liking it".....we are almost two months in and neither has come home crying and that, my friends, is great news!  Where I did know that it was time for Colin to branch out, MK was another story.  I felt as though she would be happy at school and benefit BUT it wasn't something that I could be certain of.....
and then I found this - her math exercises from school and she wrote "I love school"....this made my heart happy and was confirmation that school is a great fit for her! 
And then there are these two....Chloe and MK together = laughter.  They are hilarious together! We are so glad to have Chloe right down the street from our home.  The girls go to school together, bike together, have sleep overs....who knew that God would put this sweet family in our path and they would become our extended family! 
Maddox and her friend Brooklyn are inseparable.
They call each other "sister friends" and I love hearing those words!
Maddox will tell B, "My number is bigger than yours but you are bigger than me so we match!"  
They had their first sleepover and they were both so sweet and so tired when it was all said and done!
Oh Maryn.
Our lives changed for the better when we met you!
This little one is all four of her older siblings balled into one three year old body....
there is silliness, stubborness, sassiness, hilariousness, seriousness....
she is a ray of sunshine to my soul!  
She has begged to go to her "bal-yay" class like her sisters....
finally, I had a moment and was able to take her to try out a class....and she loved it!  She was so excited to be like her sisters and she could not wait to show them what she had learned! 
And there are these two girlies....Kendyl was a baby in Maryn's orphanage that we met while we were visiting....Kendyl is now home and thriving in her family's care.  She is Maddox's friend, Brooklyn's, sister.  It is surreal to hold a baby girl that you first saw in an orphanage crib clinging to life....she was so sad and so, she is full of life and part of a forever family!  And the girls will grow together!
And Noah.
Oh, this boy!
We do miss him so!
He is in Shanghai awaiting medical care for his heart.  The plan is to perform surgery on his heart.  We pray this is the answer to his health being healed once and for all!  His story is AMAZING and we know that God has big things in store for his life!