Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seabrook 2013

A stroll on the beach.....
 MK - I adore the fact that she is so "girlie" by nature hence the holding of the dress:)
 Three handsome brothers....little do they know the impact they have on their sisters lives.
 The new trend, a jumping pic.  Pretty hard to capture but we tried.
 Precious Maddox Ren.  
 Giggly girls.  Love that Chloe's laugh is still the one I remember from the time that we met her in China as a baby.
 Sisters.  Maddox is squeezing like she never wants to let go!
 The windy beach look on Maddox.  
 A picture break.
 Ring Around the Rosie beach fun.  Love these three little girls and the journey they have taken our families on.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Mohrs came to town and our crew was beyond excited to have them all to ourselves for a week at the beach....
 the girls took some time and reconnected during their first few hours on the beach....
 the boys were inseparable the entire vacation - they swam a bit, played a bit of MineCraft, watched a few movies, played on the beach, swam some more and they were always up for a snack....
 and Miss Maddox....well, this was pretty much her stance the entire week - full on, welcoming whatever was up next....she was delighted and kept saying, "Hey, I can touch!"
 a day of rest came and the girls were off to paint.....
 meanwhile, the boys participated in a fishing tournament and, with a last minute catch, Zack won!!!
 a day of riding along in the boat proved to be yet another adventure....
 Maddox was our navigator....
 and P pretty much sat back and relaxed the entire afternoon out....let's just say he was living the life!
 We all fell in love with "Lord Willin" and decided next year we may just give her a whirl!  
We are so thankful for the Mohr family!  From China to Nebraska to Georgia, we are all knit together.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Swimming:)

Summer swim team is not an option in our home.  So, thankfully, my children accept this and humor me by getting up super early during the bright summer mornings and making their way to our neighborhood pool.  At the end of each season, all of the swimmers are given an award certificate, some of which can have a little humor behind them.  For example, Colin's award this year....he received the Most Unpredictable title due to the fact that he left swim practice one week on top of his game and returned the next week to announce he would be unable to complete the season due to his shoulder injury....
 And then there are some swimmers who get awards for their character....for example, Pryce.  He received the Most Encouraging swimmer award for his happy spirit that often pumped his teammates up during a tough practice....
 and, to not be outdone, there is Maddox.  Maddox is only 3 and therefore, she was unable to swim this year.  Quite frankly, I truly believed she was going to be my child who would refuse to go under water.  However, she has taken us all by surprise and is now actively diving into the pool and swimming all over the place.  She even has a good-for-her-age freestyle stoke that is not too far from being right on target.  
MK is quite impressed by Maddox's success.  She has said more than once, "Hey mom, Maddox is swimming like the little kids on my team!"