Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finding MG

With heart shaped lips, ten fingers, ten toes, and the cutest little button nose, we happily announce that we have been matched with our baby girl in China!  Pictures are not allowed to be publicly displayed at this time but I can tell you that she is beautiful, she has absolutely no hair - a bit of fuzz but nothing bow worthy, she is 19 months old, she has the chubbiest little cheeks ever, big almond shaped eyes, and she looks like a Drafts from head to toe!  We cannot wait to get our hands on her forever!

Thursday, March 20, our family nestled in for the evening with homemade pizza in hand and the movie Frozen on for viewing.  This is a scene that takes place every Thursday in our home - a treat per say.  Everyone was enthralled with Frozen and for a brief moment, I chose to skim over Facebook.  A post from our agency caught my eye - there were several thumbnail pictures of little ones waiting for their families.  Of course, out of curiosity, I clicked to see a close-up view of the children and their listed needs, ages, and such.  
And there she was all bundled up in the typical four layers of clothing with her cute little face staring back at me.
Friday morning I must have called our agency a gazillion times before they even ever opened.  I left two messages with two different people saying we wanted to see her file.....and the rest is history! 

What next?  We will now wait on our Letter Seeking Confirmation.  Basically this is a letter stating that China recognizes her as our little girl.  We should receive this in 5-12 weeks.  We are told to expect travel to be in 4-6 months.  

We ask for prayers for little MG - prayers that she is safe and feels loved and that God will prepare her heart for our family to love on her unconditionally forever!