Saturday, April 27, 2013

This guy has started off batting 1000 this baseball season!
 Game one, first pitch, HOMERUN - his first!  We were so thrilled for him!
 And as a special recognition by his coach, he was given the Mr. Hustle jersey to wear for the next game.  
 And Hustle he did....big hits,
 and around the bases he ran (and stealing is fun too in baseball world!)
And the third game of the season, P was in the outfield - a ball was hit hard right in his direction and it was flying high.  P casually put his hand in just the right position and he CAUGHT the ball - it was like the ball was made for his glove!  BEEE-UTIFUL!  Even his old coach, who was coaching the opposing team, yelled, "Hey, Pryce Drafts, great catch!" And just like that, P was awarded the game ball!  Love this guy and we are so proud of him and his baseball achievements!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tuesday, Pryce went up to bat for his first game of baseball season!  And while he was at bat, he swung hard at the first ball pitched his way, and hit it out of the park!  Almost.  It hit the fence and while it traveled, so did P - all the way around every.single.base!  HOMERUN for P!  We were so excited for him!  And his teammates were ecstatic too - they all came onto the field to congratulate him before playing out the rest of the game.  LOVED this moment for P!

Maddox is a sweet girl, inside and out.  She loves her sweet food.  Silly me sometimes questions this....for example, she walked into our kitchen early Saturday morning and asked in her sweet, sing-song voice, "Mommy, can I have a brownie?  Please."  And my response?  "No, but you can have a donut."  I set her up for her love of sweets.  The end.

Colin was the man on Saturday.  Our family joined in on our neighborhood yard sale to help earn additional funds for our adoption.  Only, we waited and waited and waited while no one came our way.    We had an idea and asked C to go stand at the end of our street and dance around with a big neon sign.  Traffic jam began and did not end for several hours.  And they all commented on the "teenager with the sign" who caught their eye!  We sold most of our items and were very pleased with Colin's help!

MK continues to thrive in school - spelling and math tests galore, story writing, and reading books from front to back....the girl is good!  I had to laugh this week when she recounted an event that took place during her time in school.  There is a child who gets in trouble more often than not.  MK is always so proud of him and excited to tell me when this little guy actually has a good day, ie, stays on green and doesn't have to go to the office.  Well, lo and behold, little man had an issue last week and had to go sit in another classroom for the afternoon.  MK was sharing this with me and I asked, "How do you feel when he gets in trouble? "  And she got the most disgusted look on her face and said, "Ewww, he licked my whole pencil momma, how would you feel?"  Agreed.  YUCK.

And not to leave #5 out.....we are ALMOST to our match goal of $10,000!!!  This is amazing and truly God!  Many have asked if we have to do everything over - yes, unfortunately, we do.  And many have asked if we have a name.  No.  We are struggling a bit on this one but we know the perfect name will be found hopefully sooner rather than later.  And where will we put her?  Well, that is up in the air.  Our neighbors are empty-nesters so we are negotiating with them.  Kidding.  We have plenty of room and will figure it all out.  Our girls are so excited to have a new little sister and our boys are busy trying to figure out how they can swing getting their own rooms out of this transition.  Not.gonna.happen.  But, alas, everyone should have a dream.