Saturday, April 28, 2012

Celebrating Pryce

Yesterday was the kick-off day for celebrating Pryce!  For ten consecutive days, we are doing something extra special in honor of his 10th birthday.  Kick-off day consisted of a donut breakfast, a friend over to play for the afternoon, and We Bought A Zoo with his favorite ice cream.  It was perfect.
Today we had a few of his buddies over for football, water balloon wars, a treasure hunt and just some good ole' backyard boy fun....
 I can hear P saying in this pic, "Now that is what I am talking about!".....he had just scored a touchdown and he wasn't too proud to show it!
 Trying to incorporate a bit of safety, ie, NO tackling, we invested in a flag football set.  The thing is, no matter how safe one tries to be, it never fails, there will be an injury.  Or two.  Thankfully, the wounds were fast to heal and the game carried on.
 Team Lions....
 Team "We Are Awesome"....
 With several tired, hot and hungry guys on board, we headed inside for a time to cool off, open gifts,
 read some sentimental words....
blow out a few, ahem, A LOT of candles.....
 and eat cake and ice cream.
A fabulous day celebrating one special guy.  So thankful for him.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Invest in the life of a child.  Purchasing the latest electronics or that 3D tv or that beautiful little car to drive around town in - those things will soon be outdated.  But the life of a child?  Invest in the life of a child and you will be rewarded for life.
 I was playing around with MK the other day and it just hit me.  Look at this face.  These smiles.  I can still hear her giggles.  To think that we could have missed out.  To think that we could have said no.
 Four years of our Mason-Kate.  We are forever indebted to her for the joy she has brought and the lessons she has taught our family.  Life lessons, the biggest one being that investing in the life of a child does change the world.  I cannot imagine our money (or our debt) going to a better investment.
Though you have already impacted many in ways you cannot even fathom, He has bigger plans for you!  This, I know.  We love you MK!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She Speaks....

Dat right dare?

Who's dat?

I did it!

Up high, down low, TOO slow! (belly laugh always follows!)

Mei Mei, Pyce, Col-Col, Mommy, Daddy, Gan, Pop, G-Mom, G-Dad

I go cool? (can I go to school?)

Go Tigers!

Go Gamecocks!

I two half.

Mommy's car.

Me potty!

Yo Yo (yogurt)

Choc-ate mei-lk

I sooo hungy (hungry)

No buckle me (she doesn't like to be buckled into her carseat which isn't an option but I guess she figures why not object anyway?)

And our favorite - "Whoa Peet!"  Both of my girls love to say this.  My father taught this to them.  Tonight Ryan said this to Maddox.  Maddox laughed and said, "Whoa peet!  Dat what Pop says!"

Everyday Maddox's speech improves.  Last week she said her name for the first time. She is producing two and three word phrases now which is so sweet to hear.  She works so hard and she knows what is easy for her to say and what is not.  And today she blew the most bubbles I have ever seen her blow - a tough feat to accomplish for this little one.  And she is 100% potty trained now, at night too!  And she is loving school.  And I heard her say, "Hi Kat-ryn" tonight to a friend we ran into at dinner (Kathryn).  She will tell MK she is sorry without being prompted....of course, I put them both in time-out for whatever has happened because I am most positive both have committed a crime of sorts :)  After a moment in time-out, Maddox will say, "Mommy, hug Mei-Mei?" I nod my head, she gets up, hugs MK and says, "Sorry, Mei-Mei."  So sweet.  She is all signed up for ballet next year and practices her twirl daily:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

He's done it again, sigh.  He grew!  And grew and grew....he grew until he was sooo big that he no longer required a booster seat in our van.  Yahoo!  He is more than excited about this development. 4'9" has a been a long time coming for this guy.  Next up, driving :/