Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maddox's day to shine was Thursday during her school end of the year program.  To say that this little one has come out of her shell is an understatement.  She began the school year on the hip of her teacher, Ms. Lori.  She didn't cry but in true Maddox fashion, she wanted to be held tight.  
 Fast forward eight months, and you have a confident little girl who adores her best little friends, Mary-Kathryn (L) and Sarah (R), and one who was standing as high as she could on her tip-toes to make sure everyone could see her sing!
 She was so proud of herself and she sang loud and danced and laughed....we were all quite excited for her and her entertaining little self.
 Later, she demonstrated to us how she could pump her legs on the BIG!
 Friday began early with a little homeschool co-op field day!  Tug-o-war was game one and these boys took their parts boys were on opposite teams, oye!
 C really gave it his best....
 And then it was the return of the hose/tennis ball game....still not so sure of this game but everyone has a great time trying to capture the tennis balls.
 And the balloon toss....
 these two came out as the Champions of the Water Balloon Toss. 
 Then the chaos ensued.  Whoever says that homeschool mothers are calm and quiet, does not know our group.  Water balloons were flying and the adults instigated an all out war against anyone they could bust a water balloon on....the day was a great day of fun and the perfect way to end our academic year!
 Saturday, MK and I spent some much needed time together.  I will be the first to say that I have missed this little one and cannot wait to have her home with us for summer and school next year.  She is ready too!  Saturday it was just me and MK.  We were able to watch her ballet teacher perform early on at a community festival.  Then we went to birthday party number one.  And then back to the festival where we made all sorts of crafts, one being a clay pot in the shape of a heart - so cool to spin a pot!  And then it was off to birthday party number two.  I cherish the one-on-one time I get to have with my children!
 And Sunday it was all about family.  These guys knew exactly what I wanted, a day with them.  A day without all of the mayhem.  A day that began with breakfast in bed and ended with a picnic in the park which included a little baseball game too!  The greatest gift my children can ever give me is time just being with my kiddos and their daddy!
Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!  Hope your day was filled with joy!