Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Homecoming 2017

Homecoming 2017 
Pryce and Spencer have been through a lot of "firsts" together and Augusta Christian Homecoming 2017 was yet another "first" they were privileged to spend together.
This picture sums it all up....they have fun and love life together....and they look sharp doing it!
Pryce and his date for the evening, Brelyn.  
Pryce was all about asking his date....HOCO 2017?  And she said yes, of course!  Donuts and all!
My little buddy....goodness this year has been a bit different without him home all of the time!  He is now gone all.of.the.time.  As I type this, he is not home.....it's 8:33pm and he left for school at 7:10.  All good things, all good things yet I miss him bunches!
And this guy!  Senior year homecoming.  He was not about to go to his own school's event BUT he jumped at the invitation to go to a local school's HOCO when asked by his friend, Kayla.  
I know the four of these guys had a great night together.....dancing, eating, coffee-ing....
memories were made and I am thankful for his time with friends!
These boys of ours are quite amazing.  They are juggling school, college, football, praise band....and they are loving life together.  I thank God every day that these two have each other.  They have always complimented one another so well.  And they are the best of friends.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fall Break

We have always been a family on-the-go.  This year has been a bit tricky in keeping up with our status....six different schools and schedules plus sports and dance, it gets hairy fast!
Thankfully, we scratched off a few days to enjoy ourselves in one of our very favorite places, my parents' mountain cabin in NC.  
On our drive up, we made our way to Sky Top Apple Orchard and met up with some of our very favorite friends, the Butchers.  
Four adults, 9 children, and a lot of rolling hills with apple trees.
One problem.  The apples were not all that good....maybe we went too late in the season, or maybe we didn't walk deep enough into the orchard.  
Either way, we all had fun trying to find the most perfect apple on the tree!
Some of us needed a break here and there.....
wagon riding was a must!
And then some of us found fallen down trees and decided those may be fun for climbing and rescuing an apple.
Yep.  Just the right color and size and our girl was happy with her picking!
Going down into the orchard was far less strenuous than coming up out of the orchard!
My favorites.  My heart.  
I love all of these babies more than they will ever know!  
Because we had all of the right props for a perfect Fall photo....
these two littles are the best of friends and the tightest of enemies!  
Our sweet friend, AG.  Love her to pieces!
Chapman decided that these were all "mine".....
and her world doesn't allow for sharing when it is all "hers".....
After a fabulous afternoon at the orchard, we continued our trek to the mountain cabin, arriving just in time for one of Pop's fabulous burgers....
and an evening ATV ride.  
The children did some Full House binge watching....
and, due to the rain, we made our way over to an indoor putt-putt course for a unique experience.
All of the children loved this time together....and, contrary to what they will tell you, I am the real winner!
A big and a little.....this little popped her thumb into her mouth and pretended to sleep because she knew I wanted a pic!
In true Maryn fashion, she would smack the ball and, low and behold, she would get it into the hole with two tries.  Every.single.time.
The Mass General Store
It's where popcorn and candy meet glass bottled Coke.  It's always a must during our visits.
We are so thankful for our mountain getaways....so relaxing and quiet and peaceful.  There is no pressure to "do" and there is always time to just enjoy being with one another without interruptions.  
And then it was time to leave and join reality yet again!  Thankfully, we had a sweet visit with some dear friends who were in SC visiting from MA.  We all go way back.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Babyland General

On this day, I traveled back to a favorite part of my childhood - The Cabbage Patch dolls!  
 I am pretty sure that our visit to Babyland General was 50% for my girls and 50% for me!  
 I had a Cabbage Patch original when I was a child.  She looked much like the blond doll in the picture below and her name was Cindy Renee.  I thought she was beautiful!  
 My baby dolls meant a lot to me....and I had a lot!  My grandaddy would always tease me about each one of them....I am positive he loved watching us enjoy our day from above!
 The girls were in awe!  There were babies everywhere and....
even Mother Cabbage made an appearance and birthed a baby girl!  The boys were doing ok until the birth occurred....at that point, they checked out, lol.
 Chapman loved picking up the babies and dancing around with them! 
 We finally found our sweet baby girl!  Maddox and Maryn decided on her name....Rosalinda.
 The adoption process at Babyland General was involved....the girls had to request to adopt and then they had to show they cared for the baby girl.
 Our adoption counselor was quite supportive and allowed the girls a moment to discuss their plans for Rosalinda.  
 Maryn felt as though the baby needed to be fed and Maddox could handle the rest!
 Finally, with all of the details in place, the girls took an oath to always care for Rosalinda!
 Such a cute, cute day with our crew!  Even on our more girlie days, we are so thankful for our boys who humor us and come along!  We treated them to Cheesecake Factory for dinner....not too shabby!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MK auditioned for her ballet studio's Company this past May.  She was one of 32 auditioning and she was one of 15 who were asked to join their Company dancers.  She is loving her time at the studio and we are loving our time watching her dance! mk was here
 MK performed in the studio's Fall production, Beauty and the Beast.  It was phenomenal!  
 I have always loved the stage!  As an adult/mother, I love being able to take my children to arts performances and seeing them get lost in what is going on right before their eyes!  It's amazing!
 We may have gone 3 times!  It was that good!  Maryn saw it twice and begged to go back again!  We are so proud of MK and the hard worker she is!  She is a busy little bee these days and works so hard and diligently.
 Maryn and I found these funny masks at the grocery store and we just had to try them on!
 Maryn even gave her shot at photographing me with the mask on!
 One thing is for sure....theatre week, and the actual performance dates are a bit exhausting!  Bless.  MK asked for my jacket to block out the light so she could go to sleep for a moment!
 We all do what makes the family happy....and sometimes we even rope Pop into the fun!  Pop has been a Gamecock for life, like die-hard style.  To see him with a wild, crazy orange wig on means one thing....he loves his grandchildren!
 These boys of mine do fit in quite well on the Clemson campus.  Love them both and I loved spending the day with them in their element.  
 Had to take a selfie....and during this I learned that I am not well versed in taking selfies, lol
 The post-game frenzy on the field....so we needed a pic!
 Disney on Ice
 I totally surprised these two.  In fact, I took them to lunch and then made up a story about how I needed to run an errand.  They were so confused when we arrived but oh so happy when they realized we were staying!
 We had a great time and it was music to my soul watching these two.  They were in complete awe and did not stop smiling until it was all over!
 My little Maryn the Star Wars woman.  She loves this mask!  And she can't wait until Halloween!  She asks everyday if it is time to go Trick-or-Treating!
 This little one.  We all just adore her and we all especially love her funny little self.  She loves to dress-up and hats are her favorite!
 The quote on her shirt says it all....Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce.  So true.  This one will go so far in life because she is going to push through with such determination and control that it is going to make heads spin!  And no will not ever be an answer that is taken lightly in her world.  
I still ask him well into the season if he would like to quit, lol.  He LOVES playing.  He LOVES tackling.  He LOVES the friendships.  He LOVES the coaches.  
So, I am trying to embrace it and I pray big that he will stand up after each play and walk away without a scratch each game.  Very selfish prayers but.....