Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Dear Maddox

It's Official!  Maddox Ren is 8!
 This little girl counted down the minutes and the days and the seconds until it was finally her birthday!  She was just so excited to be 8!
 Everyone was excited for her as well.....yet this one little soul could not deal....she just wanted to be in on the action of unwrapping the presents too!  Bless.   
 Birthday week consisted of a mother/daughter pedicure session....
 and some cool crafting for friends....
 and painting pottery with friends...
 Maddox was so sweet.  I asked her what she wanted to do during her day with her best friend, Brooklyn, and she asked to go paint a piece of pottery to give to Maryn.
 Maddox is always thinking of things to do for others!
 Birthday morning arrived and Miss Maddox asked for ice cream for breakfast!  Who am I to say no to such a request?!
 And it was matching dresses for the win with her best friend Brooklyn!
 It was a fun-filled day with friends, gifts and cookie cake!
We are so thankful for our little Maddox Ren!  She has the kindest of hearts, she is the best staller of all, she loves her role as big sister to two, she is so creative, when asked what her favorite school subject is she replied "writing! I love to write!" and when asked what her least favorite subject is she said, "definitely math!"
We know God has big plans for this girl!  She is a light to many!  She talks often of her dreams of being a surgeon - "gross things don't make me sick!" and she loves the idea of helping those in need.  She is an "old soul" at times and will tell you how it is even when you don't ask!  
We adore every ounce of this little girl and we are thankful everyday that we get to watch this little one soar!  

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Seabrook Photos of the Littles

I love photography and photographing my kiddos is a favorite of mine!  
One afternoon, we set out on an adventure to capture the three littles beachside....
five years old is the perfect age....this little one was all things fun and beautiful to capture!
Maybe little sister needed to be photographed too....and maybe her mother forgot the right attire, gasp, but all was well - we just went with it and savored the moment for memories.
Chapman is all about the "cheese-grin" these days....
Maddox was not 100% in for this event....she kept "itching" with a bite on her leg and then on her arm....
so maybe she was told that she could visit the $5 Target aisle if she would just get a pic or two!
And while Maddox was trying to figure out her feelings on photos, Maryn was all about the camera!  She was shouting, "Hey!  Over here!  Get me smiling this way!"
The hand on the hip is a favorite of mine....
and the tongue???  Goodness!
She loves her dress and says she is a princess each and every time she is given an opportunity to wear it!
This little one is a light in all of our lives.  
I couldn't help but think just how much this little one has grown in just one year!
She is most always dancing or hopping or skipping....
or twirling....she is a light to all of us and we are thankful for our Maryn!
The cheese-grin....she is just precious!
Chapman is by far the busiest child we have ever parented....
we are thankful for this slows her down just long enough for us to get some good snuggle time with her!
One year ago, Maryn took on a new role in her life - the role of big sister.
She was not so sure about this new place in her life for quite some time....
in fact, she often would ask, "can we just take her back to China tomorrow?"
How times have changed!  Now, Maryn will say, "Mommy, can we get another baby just like Chapman?  She is just so cute!"  Full circle, friends.  
Meanwhile, Maddox decided Target shopping sounded good so she posed a few good poses....
and smiled her gorgeous smile....
and then Chapman took over once again!
to capture this little's full personality behind a lense is nearly impossible....she is just so funny and silly...
and she just laughs when others laugh or laughs because she finds herself funny....
or she stops for a moment of reflection....
and then she continues on, silly and all, trying to place grass over her eyes???  
And we end with this sweet Maddox Ren. 
How did we ever get so lucky to have these three littles in our lives?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mountain Time

We all love our mountain days....very little access to electronics and a whole lotta access to the outdoors!  The added bonus is that we get to do the mountains with my parents and it gives us all some good time together making memories.
Exploring the mountains via ATV is a favorite....
there are trails that take you to places that feel so far away and you are one with nature....I am always on high alert looking for bears and mountain lions but so far we haven't seen much more than a squirrel!
The children love this is about a 45 minute ATV ride from our house and along the way you see waterfalls. 
This year we found a little frog statue that Maryn immediately fell in love with and needed a pic! 
Chapman loved being right in the middle of the ATV fun.  She begged for it to be her turn every time she heard the engines crank.  
Horseback riding has also become a mountain favorite so we got our hats out and off to ride we went!
This photo makes is all look so peaceful.  Well, for the most part, it was.  We even saw a deer all curled up along the way eating its share of greens - no fear at all of us or the horses.  But, it would not be fair to say that the entire trip was bliss.  In fact, my horse nearly drove me over the edge as it stopped to eat here and stopped to eat there - he even stopped and wouldn't go!  They had to call in back-up to push him along!  
The girls thoroughly enjoyed their journey down the mountain to feed the fish in the trout pond.  
We visited the Biltmore House and Gardens
We are always in awe of the size of this home....we all talked about what a beast it would have been to clean and how easily one would get lost inside!  We did figure out that we could live here and every person in our family would have an entire level to themselves!  
Chapman was all smiles!  This girl melts me a little each day!
The girls enjoyed many outdoor crafts during their trip while the boys toured the mountain via ATV and played corn hole.  
Gran took a little rest with the children after a stroll through the Mass General Store for candy, popcorn and soft drinks in old fashion bottles.
Not sure what was being talked about between these two but they sure are cute together!
Gran and the boys!  
Uncle Sam said hello!
The boys had an intense chess game going on while the girls paid close attention and learned a few moves of their own!
Chapman loves guacamole!  She will eat it by the spoonful!
We spent the 4th of July on the mountain, had a cookout, and then headed down the mountain for fireworks.  The weather looked iffy the entire time.....we played corn hole, caught lightening bugs, smoked candy cigarettes.....about the time the fireworks began, the rain began too!  It wasn't too bad but MK took the blanket on the ground and pulled it over her for shelter....and in the midst of all of the fireworks, she fell fast asleep!
Maddox Ren
This girl is at a stage where she wants to pose for a pic or she won't even look at the camera!  
And this little one....well, thankfully she was all buckled in the passenger side of the mountain buggy and Pop had the keys to drive!  
We sure do love our time spent on Hornbuckle Mountain each year.