Saturday, July 7, 2018

Knob Hill Swim Team 2018

2018 proved to be an exciting swim season for our little Drafts fish.
 This is the first year that all of our people have not been in the pool at swim practice - Pryce had football practice, Maddox wasn't cleared because of her recent surgery and Chapman is too little - but our three fish who did swim represented our team well!
 Maryn came with her own cheering section!  One of her favorite people in the world, Brittany, came to watch her swim in the meets.  
 And Maddox didn't miss a beat....just because she wasn't swimming didn't mean she was going to miss out on all of the fun.  She joined us and ran around all evening with her friends!
 Sweet Maryn
Her first time of the season was 1.51....her final time of the season was 45.1....she was amazing!
MK is our social butterfly.  Though she is shy at first to anyone she meets, once she warms up, she is all in and flitting from place to place to chat with her crew.  Not only does she adore those that swim on her team, she loves getting to see and support her friends who swim for other teams.
 Chapman was a good supporter for the team....she attended a few practices and most of the potluck dinners....dessert was hands down her favorite part!
 Our city does a meet called the Divisional Meet.  It is held in our local aquatic center, in a very large pool - much larger than the one in our neighborhood - and it is super loud as the sounds/cheering echoes all around....Maryn is only 5 and I was a bit concerned about how she was going to react to all of the noise and the new pool....parents aren't allowed on the pool deck so she had to handle this all on her own.  Thankfully, she did amazing!  She found me in the stands, and during one of her events, she grabbed the lane rope, turned up and searched the stands for me, waved and gave the biggest smile ever, and then sped off to win the event!  
 Our girl was given the "greeter" award by her coaches.  Maryn would always jump in with the biggest smile, swim for a moment, grab the rope and wave to us, and then continue down the pool.
Awe, my guy is all grown up.
He finished out his 11th swim season and tolerated each of the morning practices.  He swam his heart out during the meets and was so fun to talk to.  Proud of this guy!  
Backstroke is her jam.  She was always first in our division for backstroke and she finished 6th out of all of the 11/12 year old girls in our area of the state.  She had so much fun, rocked her new flip turns, socialized with her girls, cheered for her team, and loved every moment of her time in the pool.
 So fun!  Cannot wait until next year - swim season is a favorite in our home!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summertime 2018

In between the hustle and bustle of life, we do get a little bit of downtime!
 Maddox is our live-in nail artist and comes toting her very own pedicure necessities...
 why does this pic remind me of something straight out of ET?!?  These two love to play dress up!
 Celebrating Daddy!  He is our best!
 This little was all smiles during the first five minutes of her very first pedicure...
 and it went downhill after that!   C was offended when the man drained the water from her station and she let him know!  We left with three toes painted, and sever toes still bare.  But, she did get the water back in so she could soak her toes while her sisters finished up on their nails!
 Our princess Maryn.  Four years of forever looks so good on her!  
 Sisters make the best of friends!
 Maddox spent two weeks indulging in drama and theatre doing a local camp with our very own Augusta Players.  She ended her two week adventure with the 101 Dalmatians show just for us!  It was precious and so well executed!
 Sometimes a thumb and an old fashioned nap is the answer for everything
 Family game of coins....started out well, ended nasty :/
 Maryn and Kendyl, Shenzhen friends home forever!
 Cutest little thumb ( wet baby head) sucker ever!
 Smile Chapman....and this is what we tend to always get!
 My little gymnasts!
 Sometimes life doesn't go her way and she isn't afraid to let us know how she feels about it!
 It's hard being the youngest of six!  Goodness how we love this baby girl!

Garden City Beach 2018

It's a tradition that began many, many moons ago with my great-great-grandmother....a family trip to the beach.  For one week each year, my parents, my sister and BIL, niece, nephew, and my family - all under one roof.  A block away, my aunt and her family stay - it's perfect.
 This was the only beach I knew as a child....
 there were no pools to escape was always the ocean or nothing.....
 so growing up, I spent hours in the ocean battling the waves, learning the ways of the sea.
 And now I sit on the shore, with a little bit of guilt because if I were the best mom, I would get in the ocean!  But sitting on the shore allows me to relive my childhood and watch as my children enjoy a slice of what it was like in the "old days"....because now, they have iPods to listen to, and pools to jump into the moment they leave the sand and surf.  
 This year, we had the luxury of a little tidal pool each day that was just perfect for Miss C.  It was a few days before she even realized there was more to the ocean than this little pool.  
 My Aunt Kim
She makes me laugh because she really doesn't appreciate the camera and she knows I am going to take her picture yet she just looks at it as if I won't do it....all the while knowing I cousin Paige is smart, she just smiles. Ha.
She is a girl who likes to relax and that is mostly what she spent her week doing....relaxing.
 Sweet Baby Hayes
This little bundle of cuteness was a highlight of our trip!  Oh the sweetness a baby brings!
 My line of shark teeth hunters....and we found a lot!  Several in all sizes each day.....and then there was the sign by a local store advertising "$1 Shark Toots" for sale....we laughed and made jokes about this one all week.
 Maddox needed a workout so she took on the challenge of pulling C through the tidal pool....
 Poolside picnics are always the best....
 and jumping on sleds in the water proved to be lots of fun!  Who needs snow when you have a pool?!?
 My little Cha-Cha....growing up....and this was the day she discovered the ocean....
 11 years old....not a picture of a smiling MK to be found....she thinks all things silly look so much better. he got so much sun this week....and was hurting a bit but not so much so that he wanted to sit out a day....he is a lover of all things salt and sand.
 Beautiful Maryn
She just sat up on the dock one night and shouted, "Take my picture!"
 And then there is this....
this is more like it!
 Gran and Pop
The glue that keeps us all together....
 My people
 A daddy and his girls
 Hawaiian night and this guy was on par....
 and this sweet girl rocked her outfit for days and days....she even wore it with her swimsuit to the beach one day!
 The boys....
 Our Hawaiian crew....
 Maddox hit a surgery milestone during our trip.....she was eight weeks post-op which meant she was FINALLY allowed to have chips.  She picked out her favorite and claimed the entire bag for herself.
 A morning devotion with Gran....
 My littles pondering life on the dock....
 Give us all the babysitters in training!
 Swing time with Gran
 And porch talking with Uncle Bert
 A little poolside playing for the win....
 Maddox loves her nails....and she cares for them very well.....painting and polishing them are a favorite.
 My crew....each one makes us better parents, humbles us daily, provides laughter and sometimes's our life and I could not imagine it any other way.
 Pop is a funny one to play with.....
 Morning trip to the pier....
 it did not disappoint....sharks, sharks and more SHARKS....

 And all the baby loves....nothing better than a sleeping baby, a cool breeze, family and a the sound of crashing waves....
 and after long days doing all the beach things, a little cousin down-time is just what the doctor ordered....
 Missing our boys but loving this pic of the cousins....
 poolside naps are the best....
 shark sighting at the pier....
 and where there is a baby shark, there is a bigger shark waiting....eek!
 another Garden City year in the this crew and the memories we all make together!