Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Madness

March came in with a bang....first up, Colin turned 18!!
 This guy of ours is now legally an adult but in my eyes he will always be my little man trapped in a kid's body....
 We tell Colin almost daily that he is the "experiment" and the "leader of our tribe"....the decisions we make for him are leading the way for the decisions we make for our others....this parenting thing is no joke and I pray daily that I am doing it right for each of my kiddos.  
 His 18th year was welcomed in with family and friends, lots of memories shared and laughs galore!  We love this man-child of ours!
 In between birthday dinners and lunches, there was a prom date to be invited....Colin thought of all of her favorites to include during this special moment!
 In January of 2017, I became a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper.  I am in my third season and just can't get enough of this much cuteness and COMFORT to be had for all of the women and little girls around.  Chapman is often found climbing on all of the boxes and "helping" me sort through it all when a new box arrives!
 P-Man....Pryce is having a fabulous start to his first year of JV baseball at his school!  He is a starting pitcher, a third baseman, and a filler for second base as well....and his hitting is stellar.  We are thankful for this opportunity to play the sport that he loves surrounded by great leaders and the best of friends!
 Our beautiful MK
 5th grade is treating her well....
 She was recently selected to be a member of the National Jr. Beta Club...
 I am always so proud of her for keeping up with her school work, loving her friends, volunteering to do things above and beyond what is expected at school and for dancing her heart out at ballet!  
 A day at the zoo....
 we recently connected with a mom and an 11 year old little girl, Daisy, who were in GA receiving treatment for brain cancer.  During their month-long stay, we visited with them often and tried to make their time here as easy as possible.  Because we love our zoo, we chose to take them there for the day.  What a joy it was to see Daisy and my girls so thrilled with their time outdoors with the animals.  There were lots of giggles and everyone left happy!
 Chapman loved watching these turtles....we would try to distract her with other exhibits and she would always find her way back to these guys!
 My two littles are the best of friends....silliness surrounds them! Monkey see and Monkey do.
 Maryn chose the Panda because she knows MK loves Pandas.
 Daisy, Maddox, and Maryn
 The giraffe's tongue as quite impressive....
 the girls weren't really sure if they should be grossed out or excited by this long tongue coming at them for food!
 Chapman loves tigers....I suppose her father's love for the Clemson Tigers is wearing on her.
 This scuba diver was cleaning the penguin tank.  Chapman sat and watched every move and would wave to him every so often.  What isn't pictured are the penguins....usually the penguins are all in the water, diving here and there and swimming to and fro.  On this day, they were all standing very strategically on land in what appeared to be an attention pose.....and they were waiting very patiently for this scuba diver to finish his job so they could get back to swimming!
 Sweet Maddox and her friend, Daisy.  Thankful for both of Maddox has the kindest little heart and just wants people to feel love.  She had some questions about Daisy's diagnosis but that just led to her heart growing more empathy for others....
 Little bit watches everyone and takes it all in....she is the busiest little one ever and those wheels inside her head never stop turning!
 Sisters make the best of friends....
 And finally, this girl of mine may have been born in China but her love for grits makes her a child of the southern US!  She licked each grit from the bowl and then begged for more!
With everyone being in school this year, I do find myself feeling as though I am stretched.  I want to be in their lives every minute of every day but being the parent to SIX who are in SIX+ directions can make things a bit challenging.  It is good and we are thankful for where we are yet I do pray that I am able to give to my children all that they deserve....time being the most important.  These days are going by way too fast and my babies are growing up!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

February in a FLASH

MK has the best group of friends, fifth grade and little drama makes for one happy girl and mama!
 Maddox needed to create a Valentine box.  She came up with the design all by herself and slaved away for a few days making sure she had it just right!  
 Our family has a new friend, Daisy.  We are so thankful for this sweet girl and her mama!
 When one is thirsty, one does not hesitate to grab mommy's water bottle and take a swig even though it is almost as big as she is!
 Time is precious and this Christmas we gave our kiddos "time" as gifts.  A trip to Atlanta for the weekend....just mom, dad, Maryn and fun!
 We visited the never gets old and there is always something new to see!  This time it was the sea lion cute!
 We were all in awe of the giant sting ray...
 and Mr. Penguin wasn't too shabby either!
 Maryn was most impressed by the hotel.  She called it the "ho-in-tel" and really would have been happiest staying in the room all weekend or swimming at the pool!
 There is a new man in town and he is super, super cute!
 Hayes Edward Strack....what a cutie.  And what a pickle he is sure to put us all in....we all want to hold him all of the time and none of us likes to share!
 He's just perfect....
 Soon Chapman will be showing Hayes all of the tricks of the trade...she is smitten!
 So there is this panda....and all of my girls are in love with it!  
 The girls take him just about everywhere with them and they always remember to strap him in.  It's all fun and games until I am the only one in the car with this big, giant panda driving all alone around town!
More fun with Daisy.  Maddox thinks she is just wonderful and loves to make her laugh.  
He is just so cute!  Ten years and counting with this big guy!
 My MJC models.  
 My favorites.
 My wide-open girl....there is truly never a dull moment....
 During our trip away, these two shared a bed and they LOVED it!
 Sea lions are the best....
Penguins are pretty cool too!
These two couldn't wait to swim....
thankfully daddy packed his suit too!
Maryn felt as though she was on top of the world....
and Chapman just hung out taking it all in stride!
Build A Bear was on our list of things to do....Huggles and Bunny have now officially joined our family!
Chapman had her morning quiet time....pjs, boots, coke zero and her Bible.  Who needs anything else?!?!
More pics of Hayes....
The little girls were so proud....
I love that Maryn wanted Hayes to have his little giraffe paci....
and then I got to hold him and he went to sleep!  Nothing quite like a sleeping baby!
We had a day off and so we chose to spend it with Daisy playing Putt-Putt....
the weather here was beautiful that week and we all enjoyed our time outside!
I did my first Matilda Jane fashion show to benefit Maddox's school!  So fun!
The girls had a great night together raising money for their school playground!
Our sweet Maddox...people were dropping off clothing and somewhere in the midst of it all Chapman found this box and decided to make it her own!
Our trip to Narnia is just around the corner and we are all excited!
Our two babies....a Pony and a Cherub....
MK is the Fox, Maddox is a Fairy Sprite, Maryn is a Pony, Chapman is a Firefly and Ryan is Father Christmas!  
Such a sweet time for all of our girls to share the stage with their daddy!
From the littles....
to the middle....
to the big!
And, finally, our February wrapped up with our bi-annual consignment sale to benefit an adopting family!  This sale was started when we adopted Maryn and has continued to take place so that we can pay it forward to other families who are adding to their families through adoption.  It's one of my favorite times of the year!  I am so thankful for those who all come together to make it so successful!