Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hosting Changes Lives

Meet Noah
This little guy is a six year old orphan from China - no family and a list of medical needs.  
But let me tell you about him - 
His smile will melt you in an instant, his giggle is even better - its a combination of happiness and "mischief boy" all mixed into one sound; he is smart, obedient, curious, and a bottomless pit - this boy LOVES to eat! 
 Noah does not know the love of a family.  Each night I tuck him into bed and we practice saying, "I love you!" - his sweet almond shaped eyes disappear into his face as his smile takes over.  It is so sweet yet his heart does not understand the depth of those words.  
 Abandoned at the age of 5 months, Noah has lived the past 5 1/2 years as an orphan.  His adoption file depicts a very ill child, one that would require much needed medical attention and lifelong possibilities of unknowns.  And he is SIX years old.  And a boy.  These three facts combined equal little hope.
 Enter Orphan Hosting
Many question the program due to the fact that you bring an orphan into your home, spoil them with love and toys, endless amounts of food, give them new clothes to wear each day, take them to fun places and then they have to go back.  And, yes, they do have to go back.  
 But let me tell you that without this program, our little Noah (as well as the 29 other children who are currently being hosted through this program across the US) would sit on a list for YEARS and grow older and, eventually, age out of the adoption program to land himself right on the streets of China to fend for himself.  The orphan hosting program is his chance - his chance to show off who he really is, his chance to show the world who he really is despite what the medical records indicate.    
And our Noah is NOT what his file suggests.
He is SO much MORE.
Full of life.
Full of JOY.
And, because of the orphan hosting program, FULL OF HOPE!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Maddox!

"Mom, my face is still the same but my number is bigger!"
 Yes, sweet girl, your face is still the same but you are a whole year older!
 Maddox, we went around the table and told our favorite Maddox stories at dinner....the number one thing we love about our girl is that you always have something funny to say!  And the best part?  Most of the time you don't even know you are as funny as you are! 
 You planned your special day.  Four special guests.  LOTS of make-up.  A tea party.  Dolls.  Dress-up.  More make-up.  Nail painting.  Cupcakes to decorate.  Strawberries - you said we had to have something healthy:)  And punch.  
 You pretended to be shy but we know you are full of life and spunk!
 You told me all day not to worry because it would be a whole year before you were 7....
 Six years old looks good on you baby girl.  We have loved watching you grow this year.  You have gone between loving being the big sister to wanting to be the baby again....what a big change you have adjusted to this last year with bringing Maryn home but you have handled it in stride.  
 And watching you succeed in swimming - we were so excited for you as you made your way across the pool each meet.  
 You have developed friendships this year that we hope will last a lifetime.  Your sweet friends are the cream of the crop and we look forward to watching you grow together.  
 So sweet and silly all blended into perfection.
 We have listened to your prayers and we love that your heart is for Jesus.  We call you our little evangelist because when someone is in need of prayer, you are the one to call.  Your words speak love and kindness tied up with a little sass and are our well-rounded baby girl!
 On your 6th birthday you requested to have your ears pierced.  We agreed and up you went into the chair with your brave face on.  Mommy had to snap one last picture sans earrings.
 Though there was a bit of fear in your eyes, you were brave and not one tear was shed.
 Instead, you were all smiles and excitement flowed through your body.  You told everyone we encountered about your new look!
 We surrounded you with love and gifts on this very special day but in reality, you are our gift.  
We are so thankful for your life and we love celebrating you!