Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Random Happenings

Our elementary girls had their art show at school.  Maddox was thrilled to show us her favorite piece of art she created this year!  
 MK was not in to getting her picture taken but she did request that I take a picture of her art.
 Maryn found a poster of Pete the Cat and requested a picture.  The funny part is that she absolutely will not sleep in her room if a Pete the Cat book is on her book shelf.  
 Chapman has decided that dressing up is a fun thing....and when dressing up, one should take off their diaper.  
 Our little Maddox Ren is preparing her mouth for her upcoming bone graft surgery that will take place later this year.
 We have been exploring new places in our city.  To celebrate Earth Day, we ventured out to the local swamp.  There are several trails and bugs....the children were a bit less than thrilled with this experience BUT they can say they have been to a swamp.
 Pryce took it upon himself to teach the kids a lesson or two....
 in full preaching mode, he declared the day to be a true success once everyone settled in!
 The rare photo of me and my kiddos....
 Chapman continues to get more and more adventurous as she grows....
 she loves a good playground and will make herself all comfy when she needs to rest for a moment.
 Maryn has enjoyed her sweet co-op friends this year.  
 These kiddos have been together since they were itty-bitty and they are the cutest group of kiddos to be with!
 Safety First
Always Wear Your Goggles When You Are a Passenger in a Car
 Four year pictures....
 We do a formal portrait of our children at the age of four.  On this night, it was Maryn's turn to have all eyes on her!
 This sweet girl was thrilled to have some time with mommy all alone....
 we met our photographer/friend at the local canal...
 everything is so perfect green and lush....
 Maryn did so good!  She was all about being the center of attention for a moment!  
She looked so pretty with her curls in her hair....
 and she loved how she could pick up her dress and walk....
 after pictures, Maryn and I went to dinner - her choice, "the place with the ice cream!"  Who would say no to that??!?!?
 And then we were off to see Cinderella.  Maryn was star struck.  
Our sweet friend, Pearl, was a mouse in the show!
And another friend, Grayson, was in the cast as well!  Maryn had so much fun talking with each of them after the show and taking pictures!
We have purchased dog bed after dog bed for this pup of ours yet he still insists that the most comfortable place to rest is on top of laundry or in bed with us!
I received the May trunk for Matilda Jane and I employed my in-home models!  Taking photos is really not the most fun but we all survived!  
These cuties needed a good popsicle treat after our photo shoot!
For the last 8 years I have homeschooled at least one of our children and we have attended a local co-op that has been our school family.  I would not change this season in our life for anything.  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to homeschool our children.  It grew me as a mother and as a person.   Alas, the time has come and all of our kiddos will be in school next year.  SIX different schools to be exact!  And this week we said goodbye for now to our co-op family.  I made Pryce take a photo to remember the day....
Colin finally has a car of his very own.  We drew it out as long as we could but the time came and our boy is loving his new ride.  (His brother is too!)
Happy Birthday to PRYCE!
Pryce turned 15 years old and we all made sure to celebrate his life throughout the day!  We are blessed by this kiddo....his heart is huge.  His one birthday wish was to get his driver's permit.  ACK! I cannot believe my two babies are old enough to drive!  We did make it to the DMV and he PASSED his permit test and he is so ready to drive he can't stand it!
Our little Maddox Ren.
I worried so much about this little one.  
She is my "hippy baby" - she is the child who would be happiest just curled up in my arms all day everyday!  She went to 1st grade this year and I just held my breath.  She knew no one.  
This girl has had an amazing school year and this group of friends is part of the reason why.  Maddox has some of the sweetest little friends and an amazing teacher.  Pretty sure tears are going to be shed in a few weeks when we all have to say "goodby for now!"