Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seabrook 2016

My favorite kiddos!  
We are so blessed to have access to a beach house at Seabrook Island, SC.  Ryan's family has always vacationed there and the tradition carries on with our own family!
 One of our favorite sites....the sunset is always breathtaking.
 And some of our favorite peeps were visiting too!  AG and Maryn were the cutest toddlers on the island!
 The girls spent one night writing in the sand....Maryn practiced her "Ms," Maddox doodled, and MK drew pictures for her newest sibling, Chapman.
 The girls all love to catch minnows and crabs....thankfully big brother Pryce is always a good helper in this department!
 The boys did a lot of football and frisbee throwing and less of ocean and pool swimming.....
 this is probably my favorite pic fav five enjoying their time together!
 A good beach trip always includes a few spontaneous naps here and there....
 and we introduced Maryn to the ocean....though she loved it up to her knees, she was not a fan of the waves and water past her knees....the wave behind us in this picture was proof, she wailed when it crashed over us!
 But not for long....she was all smiles soon enough!
 And the boogie boards came out and body surfing commenced too!
 To see this baby girl walk freely in the sand and play as if this was second nature to her warms my heart.  Not too long ago, this little one knew nothing of even the outdoors, much less the wondrous ocean!
Letter of Acceptance
China said YES!
 Chapman McKensie Drafts we cannot wait to meet you and hold you forever!
We are coming soon little one!