Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missed Photo Ops

While in Nashville, an older gentleman made the comment to me, "You have your hands full!" He the made the comment due to the fact that I had two little ones singing and dancing their way to the lobby of our hotel followed by two older, more, ahem, mature guys laughing at their silly sisters - it was a scene and it was, in fact, quite funny. I smiled at the man and said, "Yes, I do, but not for long enough!" You see, every day I am reminded that my children are our blessings, they are growing up and, one day too soon, my hands will be less than full. However, at the moment, our hands are full and we are having the time of our lives! I try to photograph the craziness but, alas, this is not always done due to pure laziness or forgetfulness. This week we had a lot of moments that could have been photographed......
One, art night with co-op. All of our children participate in a homeschool co-op. And all of our children had art on display during their special night. And all of our children received awards during this annual event. From logic and debate to Meet the Masters to A Book About Me to a colorful abundance to relish in yet not one picture for a memory, sigh.
Two, Maddox. This little one is always into something. This week, her choice was markers - the not so washable ones. I blame everything on the fact that she is the fourth child....I would have NEVER allowed this to happen with the other three yet the fourth knows exactly where to go to find said markers, help herself to them, color every.single.inch of her skin that is showing AND, apparently she wanted to add a little flavor to our tv cabinet as well - ack. Admittedly so, I laughed. It was kind of cute. Kind of. Until I couldn't get it off. For Christmas, she is asking for WASHABLE markers.
Three, Operation Christmas Child box making. Love this time with my kiddos.
Four, Colin's first middle school basketball game. They rocked. They won. And, I am told, Colin made a few "game saving" plays - way to go C!
Five, our adoption gathering. NEVER have I let a gathering go by without a picture of our kiddos on our beloved red couch. We had a full house - one that was filled with giggles and football and dress-up and delicious food. Our family cherishes these gatherings. We love the families and we love the time that we spend with them!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our little pilgrim.....
she awoke this morning with nothing but giggles and smiles in anticipation of her "very special day!"
Twas Thanksgiving Feast day in preschool and our little pilgrim and her friends were the cutest!
After singing a few songs and reciting a poem, they each took their seat and said a thankful prayer.
And then the feasting began....

What a treat it was to spend some extra special time with MK! I am thankful for her and the smiles and trials she brings to our family - she is a one of a kind, beautiful little girl!

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for our family - keeping it real, I am thankful for them everyday! Last week we enjoyed a week together not like most weeks - all six of us in one room, no cleaning, no laundry, no cooking, some school, daily sightseeing outings, swimming, waking up with Ryan (usually he is long gone before we all awaken!), listening to all of my kiddos breathe peacefully as they sleep, knowing they are safe - so very sweet....jaunts away are truly one of my favorite times together.
Ryan was involved in a training program for his job - lucky for us, we were given the opportunity to visit him one afternoon to see his "training" in full action. I am told making a catapult and launching balls to hit a target all day really is working :)
MK. She travels well. She travels with everything but the kitchen sink, but the girl has this traveling thing down. Give her two comfy chairs, push them together, spread a pretty pink princess sleeping bag over said chairs, and there you have it - the most perfect, comfy princess bed.
And my boys. Give them a few pillows and plush bedding followed by a remote for the tv and their plethora of electronics, and they are all set. It is all part of the experience. Throw in a few Pop Tarts for breakfast and there you have it, two very happy, happy boys.
And Maddox. Our sweet little one. Oh, I can tell you over and over again how she just tugs at my heart to go adopt again and again and again. She will sleep anywhere at anytime; she will smile when you need a smile; she will dance when she is feeling the beat; and MK is positioned just-so in the pic above - she is always by her side watching her like a good little mommy would!
I will say that I wonder what goes through our little M's head. Our trip to Nashville was the first time we have stayed away from home, in a hotel room for a length of time since China. She has been home 8 months but I still get the hunch she remembers, maybe she always will.