Saturday, October 10, 2015

Family Selfie....all families do this, right?  
 Maddox is quite the nail painter...little to no mess and she does a fantastic job!
 Our family made a day of roller skating and this little one was right in the middle of it!
 And Maddox went from holding on to my hand to speeding around the rink by herself!
 Speaking of Miss Maddox....
 seriously, there is never.a.dull.moment with Maddox.  She is full of antics and fun!
 These two cuties.  So hard to believe she is hard to believe both are here really!  Maryn, our "surprise" baby....and Kendyl, to think just over a year ago both of their lives changed forever!  
 This month is full of annual doctor appointments.  And sometimes that means more than just the patient has to go for the visit.  Fun times.  He was thrilled with all of the above!
 MK is loving school.  We could not have asked for a better year for her!  And she is loving her time with friends....and playdates are always fun too, especially when Oreo balls are involved.  
 Oh this girl....
 she has roped us all in!
 Even on her worst days, she is a shining light in all of our lives!
 Love her and so thankful for her life.