Saturday, October 20, 2012

On my birthday each year, I always ask the children to pick something for us to do together.  MK's choice this year?  The Peter Pan ballet and a special Bruster's ice cream treat afterwards.  She knows the way to her mother's heart - theatre and ice cream, definitely two of my favorites!
 After having dinner with the entire family and doing a little shopping, we arrived at the theatre just in time to be seated and begin the production.  MK was literally on the edge of her seat.  Her smile was beautiful as she watched the performers fly across the stage.  Of course, the wand and pixie dust were a must! :)
 MK and I continued our weekend together by attending Emma's party.  MK and her doll went all dressed up and a fun day was had by all!
Fall ball is quickly winding down and Pryce continues to grow with each swing of the bat.....
This picture says it all.....Pryce is ready and on the move while the guy beside him is watching him like a hawk.....
And it would not be Fall in our home without a little illness to lurk around....Maddox began the rounds when she spiked a fever and developed a virus in her throat, similar to Hand, Foot and Mouth yet only on her throat - ulcers galore and several sleepless cream and bubble baths were a must.  We naively thought this would just effect her; however, on Monday MK, who rarely complains of pain unless it is severe, told me her throat hurt as she was walking out of our front door to tackle her day at school.  A few hours later, our phone rang, I noticed the number and my heart sank - the school.  MK, with fever and tears, was in the nurses office and needed to come home.  Note, the tears were not from pain yet from her anger at being called out on not feeling well:)  
And so our week began, Maddox all better, MK not so much.  It is Saturday and MK has eaten absolutely nothing all week.  I have purchased ample amounts of milkshakes, Icees, pudding, grits - all to be thrown away.  So how has she survived???  Publix sweet tea - she is on her third gallon:)  Ryan, who makes awesome sweet tea, was a bit hurt when she announced that his tea would not do the trick.  There have been many "down" moments during her week but one of my favorite comments, made before the ulcers really set in, was on Tuesday morning.  She woke up feverish but said, "Mom, it is ok if you send me to school but please send soft foods for me to eat."  
Now, it gets better:)  Again, naively, I thought the virus would surely end there.
Thursday, Colin suddenly declared he was not hungry.  When my 12 year old boy says he is not hungry, something is up.  Sure enough, he had the fever.  Ack.  A stubborn fever that would not break. Lovely.  So, I called my favorite nurse at our peds office and she advised me on what to do.  Lo and behold, an hour later it was down to 102....stubborn but it was much higher than that to begin with.  And the ulcers are forming ever so nicely on his throat in a pretty little patchy pattern.  
And as if that was not enough....
the dog.  
Poor Fin.  You know it isn't good when Ryan emails after a three hour marathon night of playing doctor and says, "....and the dog needs to go to the vet.  He has a goose egg thing on his back that is raw...."  Lovely.  Poor Fin.  His is not a virus but a bad infection so on antibiotics he goes.  
And through it all, we are thankful.  When one is sick, we must stay home and rest.  So, it hasn't been what you would think.  Yes, the pain is no fun and the fever management is interesting, but in some ways it is kind of nice to just be and have an excuse to slow down.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy birthday to me!  Yes, one more year of celebrating - from here on out we will just do a replay of this year:)  I awoke to a kitchen fully decorated in birthday decor and we spent the day doing what I to others.  And, of course, I went to bed with a smile on my face after indulging in the strawberry cupcakes Ryan had purchased from my favorite little bakery....perfection.  
 On this rare evening, we were all home with no where to go and the children were finishing up school assignments together at our kitchen table.  
 With baseball in full swing, Pryce is showing off a bit.....two triples in one game made for a grasp on the ole game ball!  He was one happy guy!
 And our little Maddox Ren....October 13 marked another milestone in her life.  She has officially lived with us as long as she lived without us!  We are so thankful for our sassy little peanut.  The cutest thing she says to me lately is, "Mommy, I tell you sumpin...." and then she proceeds to inform me of her thoughts.  Our family would not be the same without this little one and we thank God everyday for her life!