Saturday, May 5, 2012

Foster Family

MK lived in China for 14 months before we were united with her forever.  We know that part of that time  MK lived in a foster home though the reports conflict on just how long she was fostered.  The one thing I have always wished I had done was ask more questions about her foster family and the home she lived in, ie, were there other children, was there a foster father, what type of home, what was she like as a baby, who was with her during her lip surgery, etc., etc.  

Monday night I was lying in bed checking blogs and such.  I noticed an email to our orphanage group and it referenced that a foster mother was seeking updates on children she once fostered.  The names of the children were listed in this email.  I scrolled down to find five Chinese names and imagine the shock when I realized one was our MK.  

Admittedly so, my initial reaction was somewhat protective and I panicked a little as I wondered why in the world they wanted an update.  Seconds later, my initial reaction turned to joy as I realized what an opportunity this could be for us to learn more about MK's early months of life.  Priceless.  I quickly sent an email to the contact and requested a photo of the child she was looking for just to make sure it was MK that the foster mother was seeking.  Hours later, I opened an email that contained the precious picture above.  MK is on the right and our friend's daughter is on the left.  This was taken during a one year birthday celebration - they celebrated her life!!!!  We have never seen this pic before.  From here, we are going to submit a page of questions to the foster family.  A contact will record the foster mother answering these questions and we will be given a DVD to share with MK in the future.  Amazing.

Just weeks ago, MK asked me about her foster mother.  She wanted to know if we ever met her. She knows we met Maddox's entire foster family. I told her I had a picture of her holding MK and I would share that with her if she would like.  We also discussed what a foster mother was and her role in MK's life.  I tried my best to use terms that she can comprehend comparing the foster mother to a teacher; sharing how a teacher loves their students and cares for them while their parents are away.  

It won't be long before the questions become harder for us to answer.  I pray that we will foster her heart to accept the life circumstances that she faced before she could even utter a word.

**Since I posted this, I asked MK what she wanted to know about her foster family.  I told her we could ask whatever she wanted to know.  She said, "Wait a minute, do you have her cell number and now you are going to call her???"  Then she said, "Well, I just wish I could have told them goodbye."  So sweet.
 Ten years old.  Two whole hands.  Ten years ago, on a cold evening in the northeast, our little man was born.  He was and continues to be a prompt little guy who arrived on his official due date in just two hours.
He has the heart of gold.  He is my child who would give the shirt off of his back if someone was in need.  At the age of 10, he wants to be a pediatrician when he grows up.  He is all about helping and making someone feel better.  He is the child who wants to see others laughing - and if you are not laughing, he will do his best to bring laughter to your life.  He has a calming spirit; he is easy going.  
He is the second born, one of the "middles."  I tell him often how important his place is in our family, he is the glue, the meat of the sandwich.  He is the perfect buddy to C.  Always has been.  And he is the perfect playmate for the girls.  I love that he goes from playing a full fledge game of football with the guys to playing Pet Shops with the girls - he is flexible and accommodating like that!
At the age of 10, Pryce still loves baseball and all things baseball.  And football, though we are good with a backyard game :)  Basketball is a favorite as well.  And golf.  And tennis.  He tried a little soccer earlier in the Spring and was pleased with his experience.  Swim team is up next.  In the midst of the sports, he is a fabulous piano player who never forgets to practice and is always throwing in a new tune or two.  His latest favorite, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.  Pretty cool to hear.  And art.  He LOVES art.  (That deserves a post of its own.)  The works he has created this year have been nothing short of spectacular. In his spare time, he can be found playing with Legos.  And creating.  I call him "my little creator" as he is always creating something from these little blocks.  
At the age of 10, Pryce loves a good celebration.  In the days leading up to his big day, we were fortunate enough to spend time with some of his favorite peeps.  We had a yogurt outing with Julia, a friend since birth; a pizza lunch date with dear friends, the Hatchers; we officially finished our school year; golf with friends; seeing The Sound of Music at a local theatre; dinner with Matthew, a buddy from preschool days; breakfast with the Wileys; dinner at Garlic Clove; a baseball game where we tipped off the night with donuts and a Happy Birthday serenade; a backyard "school friend" party; and now we are at the beach with our "homeschool friend" gang!  

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today the Pryce celebration continued.....on the golf course!  Though there are no pictures, suffice it to say that he enjoyed chasing the white ball with his daddy, brother and some very special friends.  So, what are girls to do when the house is half empty?  
 Well, we began our afternoon by having some ice cream and then with the sugar high in high gear, we headed outdoors for some good water fun.
 What began as a calm few minutes of playing in the pool with toys, soon turned into a not so calm water tossing frenzy and two extremely giggly little girls!  Listening to them confirmed that my favorite sound in the world is hearing children laugh.  
 Soon, they claimed to be cold and wondered if they could have a popsicle to help warm them up????
 By the look on this face, I am thinking the popsicle warmed her up????  Either way, she was happy.
 The girls were most impressed with whose tongue could turn the most purple and they compared as they ate each bite!
All in all, it was a giggly sort of day.  


"Mommy, do you know what I think I am allergic to?!" questions MK.
"No, what?" I ask.
"I think I am allergic to people because I sneeze a lot when I am around them.  Or I could just be allergic to little sisters."