Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a bit different for us this year!  We awoke and began our day supporting our friends at the Trot To Adopt.  The Trot helped us raise funds to bring Maryn home and is a very successful way for families to raise money and adoption awareness in our community. 
After our running jaunt, the boys were off to battle - gone are the all day Nerf war games, now we have air soft wars!  It's bigger, better and it hurts!  Fabulous for these boys and their friends!
Meanwhile, the two big girls went to play putt-putt with their daddy while Maryn and I had a bit of girl time....truth be told, she napped, I worked!  
In years past, I have always cooked a big dinner on Valentine's Day and we have all been together.  Staying true to the season of life we are in, the boys had pizza with friends while we took the girls for Chinese.  
And then our guys came home and this mama was feeling full again.....I love for us all to be together!
Of course, "Cupid" had to come with a few surprises....
and brownie sundaes were the treat of the day! 
Maddox was all in....she yelled, "Thank you for the love day!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Day of Play

When the going gets too busy, the busy needs to rest.....
 and this mama needs some time with her kiddos....
 not the everyday-do-your-work-go-to-your-activity time.....
 some play time!  So we all packed up and headed to the park.....
 the weather was perfect, the park was all ours, everyone was all smiles and it made me feel whole!  
 Because no park day is complete without ice cream, we decided a Bruster's ice cream lunch would be best!  Maddox exclaimed, "Oh, I LOVE summer!"  Nevermind that it was 60 degrees out and we are in the month of February!  
 Later that evening, the boys and I joined some friends for a night of Winter Jam....
the auditorium was full, sold-out, to an audience there to listen to a line-up of Christian bands!  And my boys, along with their friends, worshipped all night long!  Perfect evening with my favorite guys!