Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun Times

Maddox is always up to something extraordinary - this week it was balancing a spoon on her nose!  She really is a hoot!
 Maddox is officially four and a HALF....she was so excited to celebrate her special day at Build A Bear!  The girls stuffed and rubbed and brushed and bathed and dressed their bears until their hearts were content.  
 And on Tuesday, a very anticipated snowfall occurred.  
 And the next morning our house was covered!  
 Though most people dress for the occasion, Maddox felt that going out with no shoes on and in her pjs would be quite enough.  Thankfully, she came to her senses before trudging out into the snow again!
 It was like Christmas morning....the excitement was at a height and the kiddos were up before the chickens!  
 Maddox was all smiles while sledding with a little help from her brothers!
 She landed on the sidewalk and immediately cried out, "I want to do that again!"
 "Mommy, take a picture of my snow angel!"
 This was the beginning of the end for our littlest snowbunny....she covered herself quickly in the snow and immediately realized just how cold and wet snow can be:)
 And this is when she called it a day and asked to go inside....look at all of that snow!  Her fun was short lived and she looked at me a little teary eyed and said, "I wish, really wish, winter would turn to hot again!"  
 Finley cracked me up!  He was running so fast around our backyard and then he stopped to look at me with his cute little "snow-stache."  
 MK had elaborate plans to build a snowman.  And she tried.  And her brothers attempted to help.  
 But there was a bit of frustration when the snow would not stick together so they gave up pretty fast on that idea and retreated to Plan B - snowball fighting.  MK was fast to say she was done, she wanted a HOT bath and a book to read.  
 Little did she know, the fun was just beginning for her brothers.  With the girls inside warming up, the boys headed down to our neighborhood field where they encountered some of their closest buddies.  
 I asked C to look at me and his response was that his eyes were frozen?  I had to share this picture though - his "gloves" were actually ski socks and he sported them all day without one complaint!
 P....he was so disappointed each time he would see a spot of grass appear under the melting snow.  He asked several times if we could just move to Chicago since they always have snow!  I repeatedly told him no:)
 After lunch, I suggested we drive over to the next neighborhood to sled down a ginormous hill.  
 As you can tell, we were not the only ones with this clever little idea!
 Colin's first time down - his eyes tell all in this picture!  
 Even with the snow melting rapidly, the boys were ecstatic as they flew down time after time.
 And I laughed and laughed....we actually have a sled so we were good to go.  However, southerners can make a sled out of anything and it was seen on this hill....people were going down in coolers, plastic tubs, cooler tops, baby pools, boogie boards, you name it, they had it!  Hysterical!
 Good times were had by our crew!  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The day Ryan turned as old as I am:)  Happy Birthday to our favorite daddy and husband ever!  Ryan is everything I am not and much, much more.  Forty looks good on him - still no gray hair in sight!  CRazY!
 The fourth annual Trot To Adopt 5K was held on Saturday.  We were honored to be selected as one of three families who will benefit from this event. $50,000+ was raised!
 Maddox wasted no time at all finding a friend - they danced and twirled and tried to keep warm.
 Did I mention it was FReezINg?!  The wind was blowing all over the place, the air was less than chilly....despite these challenging conditions, the field was packed with support and we were beyond thankful for each person who braved the cold to be there for our family!
 The teen years for boys is interesting and I am picking my battles in some specific area is clothing.  My boys have NO idea the meaning of the word COLD.  So, dressed in shorts they went.  We were so proud of both of them.....the course is tough, lots of hills, steep hills.  Colin was 2 minutes behind the winner of his age group.  
 And these two!  These guys stuck together the entire 5K....they walked, they ran, they chatted the entire time.  I love their friendship!
***P decided that being warm might be a good idea so he then put on an entire outfit over his shorts!