Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lake Days

This summer has brought on a new love in our lives - the lake.
A huge thank you to my brother and his family for allowing us borrow some time at their house,
kayaking back and forth to the island and the little mom and pop shop for special treats.
The boys are smitten with this little body of water and what it has to offer.  So much so that they spent all day last Saturday in a boating safety class.  They left 8 hours later with their own boating license in hand and they had one thing on their minds - jet skiing!  
Our newest little miss spent her time in the shade playing with grass - mind you she will not even think of standing on the grass and insists on having a blanket down for her to sit on but she had no problem pulling the grass from the ground to examine!  
Maddox has enjoyed her jaunts to the lake as well....she is fearless!
Silly girls!
Our lake days have brought us all many memories and we look forward to creating more in the years to come!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Week Home

Oh, the look on this little one's face says it all - she is taking it all in, observing everything, not missing a beat!  She is simply delightful!  
Our first week home and we all dove right in....meetings, doctor appointments, swimming fun, dining with friends, swim meets, shopping, park fun.....
thankfully this little one seems to like our on-the-go style!  She and her carseat do well together!  
The big sisters were never too far away....they have done so well with her! 
In fact, all four bigs are eating her up!  The honeymoon is in full swing with our girl!  
Little Miss was deemed to be one healthy baby girl by our pediatrician this week!  For this, we give THANKS!  
We have spent some time outside and Maryn is not a fan of the grass - thinking she will be a city girl!  Even with her shoes on, she refuses to put her feet down!  
She has southern taste - grits are her thing!  
She is saying "uh-oh" appropriately and she is quick to yell "Bao!" which we are claiming to be "no" in Chinese!  She is giving kisses when asked and she continues to wave goodbye when she wants to.  
I have spent most of our first week home in awe of this child and the little girl she has already become.  Three weeks.  Three weeks ago, she was screaming and she was so scared.  
We have experienced the "mad that my life is changing and I have no control over it" child and we have experienced the "sad, so very sad" child....this baby is our "scared beyond words" child.  To think that three weeks ago she clung to me in fear of any and everything that was around her - the sounds, the people, the sights.  I cannot put into words just how frightened she was.  And she was so quiet.  And to think that she has smiled for new faces this week.  And she giggles almost on demand.  And she smiles when we say her name.  And she babbles nonstop, pointing her little finger as if to tell us the most important facts.  And she dances like nobody's business - her little head bobs back and forth and she just laughs all the while.  And her little feet take her everywhere - she no longer insists on having a hand to hold.  Instead, she walks and walks and walks only to stop when her name is called or when she has reached her destination.  
This child is not who she was three weeks ago.  
She is glowing.
She is free.  
She is LOVED.