Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year In Review - 2013

Out with the old, in with the new.  We began our new year in the orthopedist's office anxiously awaiting Colin's first-ever cast to be removed.  I will always remember the look on his face when the nurse brought in the tool to remove the cast.  It resembled a saw and his eyes were the size of saucers when he took a glance at it.  Knowing exactly what he was thinking, I gently whispered, "No worries.  They can always stitch up your skin if they should cut through the cast into your arm."  He was pale as a ghost.  
 With casts removed, our family headed to one of our favorite short destinations to enjoy some time in the snow.  Snow Mountain proved to be a great treat for all of us!  
 The celebrations for the year kicked off with MK's sixth birthday.  
 The year of the big 4-0.  Ouch.  Thankfully, one of my favorite roommates from college led us all into this unchartered territory. 
 Ryan's ballet debut.  Father Christmas.  I kept telling him I thought this would be a perfect role for him.    He took to the stage with MK by his side and received a standing ovation at the end!
 There is a teenager in the house!  13.  Whoa.  Braces removed.  Contacts onboard.  Countless bowls of cereal eaten daily.  Growing by an inch per minute.  Yes, a teenager is in the house.
 Gotchaversaries....March 13 Maddox celebrated her second year home forever!  We all thank God for this little slice of heaven daily.  She is pure joy!
 March 17, we celebrated five years of MK!  With all of the joy she has brought and the memories we continue to share, we decided to hit the water for our first trek to the Great Wolf Lodge.  
 Ava Grace arrived home all smiles in March with her forever family!  We were so glad to meet this little ray of sunshine and we have been blessed to watch her blossom into a thriving little girl!
 With Easter nearing, we hosted a flashlight Easter egg hunt for the guys!  Unfortunately, this was the beginning of what turned into a flu epidemic in our home.  Pryce is all smiles in this photo but just hours after, he took a turn for the worse and the illness began to magically spread from this one to that one in no time.
 After countless hours of prayer, our family began the adoption journey to our littlest angel who awaits us in China.  We were so unsure.  We knew we would meet opposition from family.  We knew we would get the normal, "Wow!  Five children!"  and the "Goodness, that is a house full!"  Yet, at the end of the day we knew what we had to do.  Follow Him.  
 Pryce turns 11!  His heart is amazing, his love for his family is obvious, his fun personality invites others in with ease. 
 Social 2013 - Colin's first.  The day we searched the world over for shoes just hours before his time to don the stage.  The day it poured buckets thus not allowing a great picture taking time.  The day we watched in awe as hundreds of teens danced the night away!
 Mason-Kate thoroughly enjoyed her year of kindergarten with Mrs. Duncan.  We were sad to say goodbye but thankful for the memories and the dedication Mrs. Duncan has to continuing her relationship with MK! 
 Pryce had an amazing year in baseball!  At the end of the season, he was awarded the jersey of all jerseys in baseball - the Mr. Hustle!
 The most anticipated family vacation of the year.  Garden City.  Pop's pancakes.  Cousin time.  La Croix.  Trash.  Gran's surprises.  The backyard pool.  Waterslides.  Hours upon hours at the beach.  Good times!
 Summer swimteam began in May.  The boys will tell you I make them swim each year - true, I do.  There is no reason for them not to.  We live in a neighborhood with a team, the pool is a bike ride away.  They swim and they end up enjoying their time in the water.  
MK, well she just has a natural talent and a determined little spirit when it comes to her time in the water.  She half enjoys it and half doesn't but she was determined from the beginning of the season that she would be in the All Star meet!  And she was!
 With swimming over, we headed to the beach for some Mohr time!  We are so thankful for the Mohr family and the time we shared with them in China as well as the memories we have all made in the past five years!  Now, if they would just move EAST:)
 The end of July brought tears of joy to my eyes as we watched one of our favorite families welcome home their three Ethiopian kiddos!  
 Maddox turns FOUR!  Four years old and she was so very excited.  She even directed us as we sang Happy Birthday to her!
 My Nannie loves for us to come visit.  We try hard to do this several times each year.  This special lady is now 93 years old.  I love how I can hear her smile when I call to chat.  And I love that she directs those around her to go to the store to purchase the necessary ingredients for our favorite biscuits when she knows we are on our way.  I love that my children enjoy visiting her and loving on her sweet neck. They often remind me when it has been awhile between visits, thus prompting me to arrange one! 
 Sweet Chloe came home forever!  This little one that I prayed and prayed for was welcomed home in August!  Her siblings have not missed a beat and love her to pieces.  She is doing so well and we continue to pray for God's hand on this little girl as she grows!
 My little guy's dream come true!  Football.  Though I love a good game of football, it is a different ballgame when my little man is in the game!  Many bruises here and aches there, they proved to just be a part of the game for him and he loved every minute of the season!
 A peacock, a mermaid princess, a Creeper, and a Colin.  Halloween fun!
 It was a Seabrook kind of Thanksgiving.  Family time.  Cousin time.  Great food.  Relaxing.  Swimming.  Good times!
Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2014.  Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweet and sassy, that is our Maddox Ren....

Sweet.  One evening last week she took my cheeks in her hands and pulled my face closer to hers and proclaimed, "Mommy, I wish God had a little camera so you could see inside my heart!"  I said, "Well, what would I see inside your heart?"  To which she replied, "You would see Jesus waving to you!"

Sassy.  Tonight we had been out and about.  Maddox fell asleep in the car and was furious upon our arrival home when she opened her eyes to see Ryan getting her out of her carseat.  She cried big tears over this.  When we told her she would have to go to her room if she continued to cry, she went to work making a little something.  She worked feverishly and then ran to me and said, "Now, this is to Santa so he will know how mean Daddy has been to me!"

And a funny for MK....

She is obsessed with cursive writing but she always has trouble reading it....she will say, "Mom, I can't read 'curse'!"