Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Ann's Bakery" delivered our annual bunny cake!  We all love Ann's cooking and my children all proclaimed, "We don't know why Ms. Ann just doesn't open up a bakery.  She would make a lot of money!"  I must say that I agree - Ann does have a way with baking! 
 The children and I were a bit stressed when the bunny cake came to an end.  Thankfully, I received an email inviting us to come to Bruster's for a free scoop of ice cream!  The catch?  One had to wear their pjs in order to receive said scoop.  No trouble for our crew!  
 The oldest and youngest Drafts....
 pretty sure the cone was larger than her but she ate every bite!
 This guy chose to sit in the shade....this face has super sensitive eyes so the sun is not always his best friend!
 A playdate with Sophie.  Maddox and Sophie enjoyed a day together playing and indulging in sweets while their two big sisters had some time together getting pedicures, dining and picking out new earrings!
 After a busy day, MK had one thing on her mind and she was determined to figure it out....
 her daddy gladly took her outside and talked her through riding her bike
 and in true MK fashion, she took off!  
 She even accomplished the difficult task of turning....we laugh because when the boys learned to ride their bikes, they both said they would learn how to turn later - one thing at a time for those two!  
She was so excited!  Her big brothers, her sister, her mommy and her daddy all stood aside and cheered her on!  What a sweet moment to see her face light up as she pedaled all by herself!  Way to go MK!