Saturday, May 21, 2016


We began our paperwork for Chapman in late January of this year.  Four months later, all of our documents were signed, sealed and delivered to China!  WooHoo!  So thankful this part is behind us!  We received word that our paperwork officially arrived on someone's desk on Friday, May 13.  The email from our agency simply said "Congratulations!" and then it stated that our job now is to sit back and WAIT.  Imagine.  Adoption is ALL about wait on one thing and then you have to wait on another thing!  Many have asked if it has been easier this time being that it is our fourth isn't.  And even though we have five children who are constantly keeping us on the go, our sixth child, Chapman, is always on our minds.
We miss her.  We want her here with us.  And we are constantly trying to figure out when we will most likely travel to get her....really, that is wasted time on our part because until we are on that plane with our seatbelts fastened, we won't know.  In the meantime, we did get 12 pictures of her last week and she has grown SOO much!  She is precious in every sense of the word and she has the thickest black hair of all!  She looks so happy in all of the pictures and she looks as if she has a bit of a sweet tooth!


Camping with our crew proved to be one of the best things yet!  We are fortunate in that we have several lakeside campgrounds 15ish minutes from our with that in mind, a tent, and some borrowed kayaks, we were all set and on our way!
 The children all jumped in to help pitch the tent and the girls organized away!
 Kayaking turned out to be a treat for all of us!  We had two seater and one single seater - both just perfect for us!  
 The girls got a little daring and jumped overboard!
 Maryn said, "I really like this camping."  But what you can't see in the picture is her face when she discovered there were all kinds of bugs that came along with our adventure....she is NOT a fan of any kind of creature! 
 MK kicked back and took it all in....
 some of us took to desperate measures when their throat began to hurt!
 Dirt was aplenty....
 the girls would have done this all day!  I was so thankful they enjoyed the goodness of being in the middle of nature!
 Pryce and Colin hung their Enos and Maddox scooted herself right in....
 meanwhile, Colin may have had a few issues getting settled into his.
 Campfire fun is always the best with smores involved!
 And, finally, it was time to go.....the boys hoisted the one kayak on top of the car and off we went!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

End of Year Ballet

Maryn made her ballet debut this year and joined her two sisters at their ballet school.  She LOVED her teachers and her class.....and the lion statue.  Each week as we walked into the studio she would ask to take a picture with the lion.  
 I was so proud of Maryn and watching her brought tears to my eyes.  This little one last almost two years of life to an orphanage in China.  Today, at 3 1/2 years old, she is so confident and so capable of doing everything that is set before her!
 Maryn loved learning the lingo and the positions of ballet.  She has heard it since she came home and now it was her turn to learn!
 The children are taught the correct French terms for the ballet positions and steps.  To hear a three year old say these and then do them is quite fascinating!
 It's fun to look at pictures because I know that in this particular one she is about to laugh her cute little belly laugh and she is full of joy!  
 Maddox Ren
 Reach for the stars baby girl because I know you will accomplish anything and everything that is set before you!  
 Maddox learned so much this year in ballet.  It is amazing to see the transformation from tiny, cute little ballerinas to a little bit older, trying harder to perfect the skills ballerinas.  
 Maddox takes on life with her positive attitude and determination that is an example to even the adults around her.  She is full of laughter and life!
 It isn't often that you will find Maddox without a smile on her face.  We are so thankful for this little girl!
 And then there is our oldest ballerina, MK.  
MK began ballet at the ripe old age of 2 1/2!  Seven years and counting for this ballerina!  
 Ballet looks good on her!  
 This year proved to be the most challenging yet and MK dove right in and danced her little heart away! 
 As they get older, taking pictures during their times of parent performances is a bit more tricky.....there is a level of self-conscience and embarrassment when you have mom clicking away on the camera:)  So, I refrained at times but did manage a few shots of her accomplishments!