Saturday, June 8, 2013

This baseball season was Pryce's time to shine.  He had the highest batting average on his team.  He gained the most RBI's.  Third base had his name written all over it - his favorite spot on the field.  The season ended with an amazing double play by our guy.  The season ended and the votes were made for many yet our Pryce came out on top and gained his very own Mr. Hustle jersey.  Mr. Hustle is given to a player that has gone above and beyond during the current season.  
 And in other news, it seems as if we have a visitor....or our very own backyard.  EWWW.  I am so not a snake person.  My neighbor called one day last week to say that she had seen a snake in her yard.  Then, lo and behold, Ryan found one in between our homes a day or so later.  AND then, he spotted who we think is the mama snake in a big tree in our backyard.....ack.  
Adoption news....MK and I spent four hours together on Friday doing paperwork.  We drove here and then there and then back to there and here and finally had it all done.  Four documents off to the Chinese Embassy in documents off to the Secretary of State in Georgia.  STILL waiting on our homestudy and hoping to get the call next week that it has been completed!  It cannot happen fast enough for Maddox.  She asks every single night when we are going to get Mary-Gentry.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mary Cathryn was our perfect playdate this week....MK loved being the one in charge and she kept these two little ones in step as they played house and Barbies.
 Pryce finished out his baseball season last week with a tie ballgame.
 They were trailing by 3 when all of a sudden Pryce made a double play for two outs.....
 and then turned around to bat and hit another double hit and eventually made his way across home plate one last time.
 On field, you could see a lot of this - the coaches doing their job, giving the children an earful on what to be ready for next.
 All in all, it was a great reason to celebrate after the game at one of our favorites, Brusters!
 Our week ended with two, we visited my niece at her school and surprised her during lunch....two, then we left and went to visit my grandmother for the afternoon.  She was so happy to see all of us!
 Sweet fast time flies!  Ellison is our great-niece and we were lucky to spend some time with her over the weekend too!  
 Barbie bikes and boys....what in the world?!  MK is determined to ride her bike without training wheels so we took them off while visiting Ryan's parents.  Both boys took it upon themselves to give the Barbie bike a little cruise around the driveway and it was hard to pull them away....
 "Don’t let worldly fears get in your way if you are contemplating adopting. It’s God’s thing and He will make those fears into something wonderful."
I read the above statement on another blog and LOVED it.  So.very.true.