Monday, March 13, 2017

Maddox Ren Gotcha Day #6

On this day six short years ago, we met our Maddox Ren.  Her foster family brought her to us and met us in a smoke-filled government office building.  They greeted us with smiles on their faces yet sadness in their eyes - we all knew the day would be one of joy for us and bittersweetness for them.  
 Maddox was open to us so long as she was in her foster mother's arms.  The moment the foster family left, she let all of her emotions go and cried hard tears until finally she fell into a deep sleep.  Though it was freezing outside, our girl was one hot mess with her rose-colored cheeks and her hair full of sweat - this due to her rampant screaming and the many layers of clothing she wore.  When she woke, she was emotionless.  Her eyes looked so lost.
 It didn't take too long for this sweet girl to feel our love and to trust us with her heart.  She loved to be held and I held her as much as I could.  She was our baby who would climb out of her crib in the middle of the night and sneak into our bed to sleep with her hand in mine.  She was and continues to be our girl who likes to be surrounded by her family, she is most comfortable with us all around.  
 She is everything silly yet wise beyond her years; she has endured loss unlike many and I do believe her soul runs deep because of this.  She is quick to comfort others and has a heart of gold. 
We recently had the opportunity to connect with her foster family in China.  I love knowing that they are a click away on our phone - we send pictures, they send pictures, we do what we can to assure them this little girl is so very special to us and we continue to thank them for the 19 months they spent with her, loving her and preparing her heart for us!
Maddox Ren, you are a complete joy and we adore every little thing about you!  Loving you is so easy and we are forever thankful that we have been gifted with you, our cherished daughter!
So thankful we "Gotcha!"