Friday, November 6, 2015

China Mission Trip 2015

Many moons ago, while visiting Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC, I happened to spy a mother and her Chinese daughter as they admired the animals.  Her daughter reminded me very much of our little Maddox.  I went over and politely introduced myself and asked where her daughter was born.  To my surprise the mother answered, "Guizhou."  Guizhou is where our Maddox was born and it is where our Maddox was still waiting on this particular day.  We exchanged contact info and became Facebook friends and kept acquainted through these two methods of communication.  
Last year,  this mother, Brandi, traveled to China on a mission trip and I followed along.  Shortly after she returned, she announced she would be leading a mission trip to China in 2015.  I immediately told her I wanted more information and I felt called to join her.  Pryce and I soon signed up and the rest is history!

So, we have arrived in Beijing on our first mission trip ever!  We landed, and Pryce immediately dove into the Chinese culture and devoured duck during our first meal here.  We are traveling with 12 other adults and as I type, it is SNOWING.  YIKES!  Our real mission begins on Sunday when we travel to be in an orphanage for the rest of our stay. We are thankful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing our purpose revealed during our time here!  

Today will be spent on the Great Wall of SNOW - Brrr!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Our fabulous five!  I am savoring these moments when they are all together and smiling!
 Our beautiful Maddox....she was beaming with joy on this day.
 These two besties took on the patch together to find just the right pumpkin....
 there were struggles involved but nothing kept them from giggling....
 what a treasure it is to have them together!
 This little cherub was shouting, "Hey, mommy, wook!  I got one!"  She was so excited to find just the right pumpkin for her to hold all by herself.
 Other pumpkins, in her opinion, we just made for sitting:)
 The whole gang....
And another Maddox photo....she was on a photogenic role this particular day!
 Our fall festival at church was a huge hit this year as well!  Lots of sliding, and train riding, and jumping involved....and candy.
 Pumpkin carving gone new age.....we typically do the old style carve, two ears, a triangle nose and a crooked mouth.  
 This year, the Mohrs encouraged us to get a bit fancy....lots of fun and they really turned out well!
 While carving was taking place, some kiddos chose to get ready for the trick or treating event....Maddox is our resident make-up artist.
 My three baby fun to see them grow together!
 A clown, so fitting for her personality.
An Egyptian princess, fitting too as she will be something extravagant as she grows.
And a cat, fitting as well....she is so sweet and sly and happy most all of the time!
 The dynamic duo....Chloe was so sweet to trick-or-treat with MK.  She wasn't convinced this was going to be how she spent her Halloween but she trudged forward and supported MK on her mission for chocolate!
 Never a dull moment....
 Maryn was all about trick or treating for the first 20 or so houses.....
 I am pretty sure she never said, "Trick or Treat" but she swindled quite a variety of candy from everyone she approached.
 The big girls ran ahead and paved the way....
 while we lagged behind and took pics and chatted!
 This pic pretty much sums up our Halloween evening....a bit of crazy, a bit cross-eyed, and a little sweetness.  It was the first Halloween where all of my babies were not all together.  So goes the life of growing up.....friends reign on the social front so off C and P went to do their thing!
 The candy sorting....they all came together for a bit of sorting....some for them and lots for our Operation Christmas Child kiddos.  
 And a bit of Halloween card reading!  MK is such a huge help with Maryn....she adores her and thinks she is the best thing ever!  Thank you G-Mom and G-Dad for the goodies!