Monday, January 23, 2017

We welcomed the ACC vs. SEC Championship game into our home and the girls were great representatives of their teams/conference!
 To be with these two is to see two total extremes take place right before your very eyes in a matter of moments.  One moment they are so sweet, giggles abound....
 and the next moment they are a hot mess with a little push here or a shove there....
 overall, though, I would definitely say LOVE trumps all.  They are both so sweet in nature.
 Someone visited the dentist and was soo big in the chair, no tears at all, and she got the perfect bill of clean teeth!  And then she came home and ate a blue lollipop to celebrate - hmmmm.
She is the fifth child.  I remind myself of this daily.  The first child would have been given a sugar free, clear in color lollipop....but the fifth child gets whatever lollipop they want, blue and all, LOL.
 This sweet baby.
She cried hard the first night we had her.
So I put her down and she rolled over and went to sleep.  
But wouldn't you know that with a little love and time, she is all about some good cuddling and being rocked to sleep.
 The weather in Georgia has been nothing less than amazing so we have spent a lot of afternoons in the sunshine with our favorite toys.  
 I had the most brilliant idea one afternoon and I went straight to Publix to purchase a huge bag of rice....and then I ended of buying two thinking one wasn't going to be enough.
Note to self:  Don't do this.  First, one bag was PLENTY.  Second, we will be finding rice for many years to come in probably the most random places in and around our home.
 Picnics with sisters are the best. 
 Little Maryn is at that age where sometimes taking  nap is just hard to do.  With that in mind, we have been allowing her to play in her bed quietly while Chapman naps.  Most days she really does play but other days get the best of her and we find her just like this!
 This girl is so happy to see her Mommy each afternoon after she finishes up with school.  The walks have been so relaxing and I cherish the talks as we catch up on our days during the walk home!
 Miss Chapman is loving her time in physical therapy.  We attend once a week for one hour each session in a local gymnastics gym.  It's amazing!  She is jumping and running and kicking....all things good!  We are so thankful for this baby girl's life!
 Not the norm for sure but we were actually early to gymnastics so Maddox asked me if she could read the Boxcar Children to me!  Of course I said yes!  It's one of my favorites!
 MK's birthday party
 MK has the sweetest group of friends.  I am thankful for each of them and the roles they play in her life.  
 MK was having a hard time deciding what she wanted to do for her birthday so I made plans for a canvas painting party at a local art store.  
 MK is not a cake cookie cakes are the best!
 I loved the way these paintings turned out!  So pretty and unique, each and every one!
 At the age of 10, MK's favorite food is Nutella.  I saw that Krispy Kreme makes a Nutella donut and MK was sold - birthday donuts for 9 please!!!
 The boys spent a few days searching for the Sports Illustrated magazine that was all things Clemson!  
 All things new.
Our little Chapman is doing so well.
She has recovered from her surgery.  She is walking, running, climbing, crawling, and getting into everything she can find!  With this in mind, we welcomed the new year by taking her to church for the first time and leaving her in her class.  Bless.  She is not so sure about this arrangement just yet.  She is so upset but calms down quickly so we are moving forward with it even though a part of me feels a bit of guilt for leaving her.  You just never know what is going through their little minds.  In addition to church, she is going to Mother's Day Out one morning a week with her big sister, Maryn.  The children were appalled that I would even think to take her and just leave her!  I assured them she was in the best hands - Mrs. Anja and Mrs. Erin....two of my favorite people and they will love on her like nobody's business.  
 Miss Maryn
She is a ray of sunshine on a could day and a silly little girl most all the time!  We love her to pieces and I die a little each day when I hear her talking so big with these big words and sounding so much older!!!  Where did my baby go?!?!?!
 My girl Maddox
It is so important to me to spend time with each of my children. I pray they know just how special they are to me and to Ryan!  I try to be very intentional in spending individual time with each of them and make them feel loved as individuals in our big ole family!