Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wow, what a day!:)

Mason-Kate had a special day with her favorite man - her daddy!  
 From the moment they met, they held a special bond that only daddies and daughters can share.  
 The pair began their day at the circus with MK's kindergarten class, front row seats!  Then, Ryan picked MK up from school and whisked her off to get her hair done - she chose to have it straightened and felt just like a princess as she watched Miss Hanna perform her magic:)  Then it was off to dinner, MK's choice - Chick Fil A.  And finally, they landed themselves in dreamland - the Father/Daughter dance.  
 In addition to spending the evening with her daddy, MK loved seeing all of her friends all dolled up and dancing the night away!  Miss Addison is one of MK's favs from school and she also teams up with us at Girl Scouts.  They have become the best of friends!
 Meanwhile, I spent the day with two of the most handsome boys ever!  They were looking sharp as they approached the capital building all prepared to present their bills to the awaiting crowd.  They participated in Teen Pact - C's second year, P's first.  It is a one day event held each year for homeschool children at the capital.  
 We were joined by friends and thoroughly enjoyed our day in the mock legislature.  These guys are all set to change the world!  Bills were presented anywhere from pesticide reduction to statewide donut day - take one guess who presented the statewide donut day????  Of course, P!  Everyone was in favor of that becoming a law immediately!  And C, on a more serious note, presented his bill to instate a law that would allow homeschool children to participate in local public school extra curricular activities.  Some states already allow this, Georgia does not.  
 With these future lawmakers, anything is possible!  
And, Maddox, well she spent her day with the undivided attention of Ryan's parents, G-Mom and G-Dad.  When I asked her if she cried at all during the day, she replied, "No, I just laugh and laugh!"  So thankful her grandparents were here for the day!  It was most definitely one of those days that could not have been done without help!

Monday, February 4, 2013

C finished up his basketball season on Friday.  Though their season was less than stellar, we all had so much fun cheering them on during their final game.  At halftime, they were down by something crazy, like 30, and by the end of the game, they were on fire and brought the game back to a three point margin.....there was a lot of crazy cheering and excitement in the stands!  Way to go C!

P's basketball season is in full swing and winning is their name.  My moment with Pryce this week was on Tuesday....and basketball was not involved.  Instead, it was a schooling moment.  P is involved in an intense writing class.  Last year, my favorite part of schooling him was watching him create his stories and share them with me.....he was so proud and excited about his accomplishments.  This year has proved to be a bit more challenging with the content and though he has continued to excel, he hasn't expressed the excitement about his work.  Tuesday was different.  The joy was back.  He could not wait to share his latest work with me and the smiles and proud face was back in full gear.  So fun to see success through a child's eyes!

MK....oh how I love this girl.  I miss her and cannot wait to have her with us next year during school.  She is having a fabulous time in Kindergarten though and her teacher is smitten.  Again, I watched her swim this week and I just stand amazed at what she is capable of and the determination that surrounds her.  She learned how to do the Butterfly stroke and she is killing it.....6 years old, amazing.  My most proud moments are watching her with Maddox.  Their relationship continues to grow and MK can be so loving and caring towards her little sister - she really likes to help and encourage!

And live a day with Maddox is to experience life from all angles.  She is so sweet.  She, out of the blue, will say, "Mommy, I love you more."  I must say I love the early morning snuggles, the tight hugs at school when she says goodbye, the running into my arms when she sees me.....she is just so stinkin sweet.  Yet, there is spice.  And she is not always nice.  And she will tell me ,"NOOO!!!" in a heartbeat if she doesn't agree with what I have to say.  Recently, she has started to write letters, trace her name, count to 25 - sometimes higher....she is thriving!