Friday, May 24, 2013


Truth be known, today hit hard. 
On a day to day basis, it is so easy to go on with our day to day lives, living, doing, and doing and living....not even blinking an eye that our girls were born with a congenital birth defect.  
They are so smart.
And loving.
And capable.
And determined.
And healthy.
And happy.
Etc., etc.
We came home with each of them knowing that multiple surgeries were in their future.  Not one.  Not two.  Probably three or four along with extensive orthodontic care.
But, firsthand, I can tell you that "knowing" a child will need surgeries and "living" a child through surgeries are two different things.  I remember taking magazines to read when MK had her palate repaired.  What in the world was I thinking?!  That was the longest 3 1/2 hours 
Reality.  She was no longer the child in the picture we had stared at for months.  She was my daughter, a part of me, and I could not wait to get the next update call from the OR telling me that she was ok.  
Fast forward five years. 
Today, MK and I went for an ortho consultation.  I totally anticipated them saying something to the effect of her not being ready for her big bone grafting surgery where they take bone from the hip and graft it in the gumline.  However, reality hit and we are closer than I wanted to hear.  Like, six months we will begin the official grafting prep.  Again, this is something we knew was coming but I wanted to cry when I actually heard the doctor state that it was needed sooner rather than later.  
And I looked at MK's face and I could tell she was scared.  
She is only six.  And my heart hurt today for her and for what she will endure.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

I cannot believe that MK is finishing her Kindergarten year!  It has flown by.  Monday the Kindergarten classes did an alphabet parade around the school.  MK's letter was "A" and she was an American Girl Doll.  
Of course, from the day she got her letter assignment, she wished over and over that her letter could have been "P".....she is a princess from head to toe:)
Tuesday was all about Maddox.  Her first year of ballet came to an end and she was so excited to twirl and dance for us!
She had such a sweet little class and her teachers were extra loving to her, especially in the beginning when she wasn't so sure that going into a classroom without mommy was such a great idea.
Wednesday was all about MK finishing her fourth year of ballet.  She did a magnificent job this!  
Extra bonus was having Miss Addison.  MK adores her!  
And Thursday was MK's field day.....
the competition was running high in the gym.  MK was chosen to do the Teacher Game....intense is the only word to describe this one and she took her job seriously as she helped build her obstacle and then climb through it without knocking it down....yikes.
Friday was spent working in the fields aka strawberry picking with friends.
This little one was so careful to pick the reddest of berries and then take the green stems off one by one before placing them into her container.  
And MK was done in no time with her container and ready to move on to cutting them up to eat:)  YUMMY!
All in a day's work....we were the last to leave the field but I do think we have a very diligent berry picker on our hands.
Of course, in between the events above, swimteam began this week in a frigid pool, Pryce continued his baseball hitting streaks with a 2 doubles and a triple!  The boy is on FIRE!  And we finished our week with our social worker who was able to do two more of our visits.....three down, ONE to go.  ***And it is important to note that the boys are not frequently photographed due to their lack of enthusiasm about my lens.  However, we love them dearly and trust that this is just a phase;)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This week in between swimming and park playing and field day and last day ballet dances and baseball....and, and, and,.....adoption was unfolding in many different realms.

A talk with a good friend who is wanting to learn more about adoption.

A family was in China adopting their baby girl.  Disruption occurred.  Her needs were more than what had been disclosed.  Heartbreak.

News came in that a little one I have been advocating for is one step closer to coming home - LOA was received!

Some of our best friends are in Ethiopia and they were united with their three new little ones.  Take a visit to their blog  No pictures can be shared but their story is one that is unfolding daily and God's hand is all over it!

And our own.....we have ONE more homestudy visit!  And she has a name.....Mary-Gentry....Maddox says it so sweetly!