Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Journey to Narnia

Our Firefly lit the stage as she tiptoed out on stage....
 And our beautiful Angel, our leader...
 Maddox looked so peaceful on stage, like she had been there her entire life.
 And MK led her group out and about the stage with pure grace.  
 So thankful for these two and their love for one another!  And thankful for Gran who always remembers the flowers!
 make-up and buns, oh my!
 sweet girl
 this year we enjoyed sharing the stage with dear friends - Ava....
 and MK's bestie Sara Kate with little sisters Maddox and Sophie...
we simply love this show each year!
MK on her 6th Gotcha Day
We loved celebrating with this precious girl - she had a day all to herself complete with shopping for new earrings!  Our girl does not care for cake - at all! - so it was brownies and cookies sort of night!
 And because our family clearly has not caught on to the health food binge, we have chosen to celebrate little Maryn's process at Brusters.  Each time there is a new development, it is off to Brusters we go!  This particular night we were celebrating the finding of Maryn!
 All five of my children and our little dog too!  
 Our middle school age kiddos who participated in the state Bible Drill program at church. 10 seconds to find bible versus and recite them for memory - truly an incredible task!
 And our youth drillers.  It really amazes me to watch as the teens are given a portion of a verse and then asked to find the exact verse and recite it in 8 seconds.  Again, simply amazing!