Saturday, November 23, 2013

To reflect a bit on school....Colin is in the 8th grade this year.  It is the first year in which C has literally had to study; the first year that he has had to distribute a sense of personal accountability in his assignments;  he met a challenge with a high school lit class, first semester grade being a 96 total average!  All this to say, thus far it has been a learning year for the two of to learn that the everyday expected 100s may or may not come as easy as they once did;  him to learn organization skills and that school is not always going to be easy-peasy.  It has been good for the two of us to walk through this together though if you ask MK she will tell you that C is the one who is the target of my wrath on the down-days....sigh.  There is something to be said for being the oldest child! We are so thankful for this kiddo - he is often the subject for much of my laughter each day. 
 Pryce....he finished out his football season with an awards banquet and a poor attempt at a picture with his favorite buddies - my camera is on the blink so I am learning to take what I get and not pitch a fit:)
A quote from his teacher this semester in our co-op says it all, "He made a 100 on his final exam/quiz!  YOOHOO!  Way to go Pryce!  Excellent work!I am very proud of him.  He always puts forth the effort asked of him."  
At the age of 11, he is a pure joy!  His hands are always working - be it on school work or with the girls or teaching/assisting MK with piano.  And from Miss Perceptive MK, she will tell you that Pryce gets in the least amount of my fussing.  
**I cannot wait to see in their adult lives just how on-target MK is as I know it will come up at some point or another in a loving way:)**
And speaking of MK....I am so thankful for the time I have with her this school year.  She has embraced homeschooling and seems so much more at ease with life in general.  She does miss her friends so we have been doing our best to fill in the gaps with playdates.  I am learning to love her shyness - this is something that has been a challenge from day one being that I am far from shy.  Reading has been the most joy-filled accomplishment with this little one.  She LOVES to read.  And I continue to be in awe of how a child goes from reading simple three word sentences to reading words that are way beyond simple.....once they get it, they get it.
 And little Maddox Ren.  This little girl just melts my heart daily.  She is at my favorite age ever!  The age where she just says the sweetest things, the age where she is so excited to learn and share with us what she has learned, the age where she is so proud of her own accomplishments.  It is just sweet and I am inhaling all of her joy each day!  

Tis the season of life when Maddox says some of the cutest sayings.....her latest came after a bout with the dreaded stomach virus.  She was so hungry and asking for her favorite drink of all time - chocolate milk.  When I told her I didn't think it was such a good idea, she said, "Well, guess what, God just gave me a thumbs up in my heart and told me I was all better!"