Sunday, April 26, 2015

Maryn Gentry

This bright-eyed bundle of joy arrived in our lives just 10 months ago.....
 her nanny stated she was "feisty one" and we were shocked!  She was so quiet and so timid and just so sweet!  Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine her as a "feisty one."
 But, oh my, this girl does not miss a beat!  
 She is so sweet.  And so cuddly.  And still so squishy!
And so quick! And....feisty in a good way....
 If someone is doing something, anything at all, she is going to give it a whirl herself....a determined little spirit....
 she thinks she is as old as the person next to her!  
 And not scared at all of trying new things....even the dentist!  We were all so amazed as she climbed up into the chair and waited patiently for the hygienist to attend to her teeth....
 She kept asking, "Mar-wyn's turn?"  
We are so thankful for this little one and the light she adds to our family!

Who's Got Talent?

Our homeschool co-op held an informal talent night recently.....
 Colin and his friend Brandon rapped Blessed Assurance.....
 MK and SK danced the night away - very impressed with these two girls, they spent an afternoon in our basement choreographing and practicing their performance!  A job well done!
 The night was filled with magic tricks, sword fighting, karate demos, viola playing, piano playing, and much more!  
 Of course, it brought out the sillies in some of us!
 Meanwhile, these two little girls continue to love each other and do their best to see who can get my attention first!
 Little Maddox has had her world turned upside down in the last 10 months.  She adores Maryn but she is also quick to let us know that if Maryn gets a hug, she needs a hug as well!