Friday, June 3, 2016

Our Old Soul

Maddox Ren, wise beyond her years at the ripe old age of 6!  Tonight as we were getting her ready for bed she stated that she missed her family in China.  I, caught off guard, said, "You do?" and she said, "What, I do miss Veronica and that guy that was holding me - my step brother? - and I really liked the lady that took care of me."  (Veronica was our guide and the guy holding her was actually her foster brother)  I said, "Yes.  I suppose you do.  They loved you very much!"  And she said, "Yes, and sometimes you have to say goodbye to your old futures to say hello to your new futures....that is what I had to do, you know, when I came home to be with my family."  The thing is, she is SIX and she is SO very accepting of her life.  I pray that her heart is always as soft as it is now to the life God chose for her.

Another story of the week with our Maddox.....we are currently in the midst of swim team.  Maddox LOVES to be around the coaches as they coach the older group that her brothers are in.  She is very observant of the hard work they do and the coaches adore her.  One of the coaches said to me today that Maddox announced that she was not like her coach.  The coach asked her why they were not alike.  Maddox told her coach that they were not alike because she had two mothers, a birth mom and a real mom!  Her coach looked at her, very impressed with her words, and asked, "Well, do you believe in God?"  and Maddox answered, "Yes!" and the coach said, "We are exactly alike then!  We are both children of God!"