Monday, July 16, 2012

 Last week we jumped right in feet first after our return from vacation!  Beyond swimming, we had C's summer basketball season come to an end....
 basketball has become C's favorite sport yet.  Not sure exactly what drives him on the court but he LOVES the game.
 Summer league presents differently than regular season in that the teams consists of both males and females....they all meant business on the court and it was a great growing experience for C.  
 On Sunday, we celebrated MK!  Finally, she is officially 5 AND a half!!!  She is one amazing little girl with a comment for everything.  My favorite MK quote of the week - "Mom, I am so sorry when I diserupt you but if I wait to tell you what I am thinking, I lose everything in my mind!"
Our sweet tooth girl was very happy this week with her choices to dine on....I am thinking there was a cupcake offered to her almost every evening for one reason or another and this, my friends, is how she chose to eat said cupcakes!