Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our week began and ended with some of our favorite treats:)
 We are all diving into the new school year with smiles on our faces each day!  The boys are so easy - at this point, I ask them to do their work and they do it without any "awww, mom!"  We added in a bit PE this week by starting the Couch To Five K.....they tell me I am a bit slow.  MK is all smiles too!  She LOVES kindergarten, her teacher is so sweet, and we implemented the bus system this week which she was thrilled about!  She desires to eat the school cafeteria food each day and all of her work comes home with her name written in bubble-style letters.  Just a bit on the artistic side:)  And Maddox....she continues to whoo her teachers at school, she walks right in and begins playing.  She had her first show and tell experience this week - her item of choice was a Duplo block.  She proudly showed her jewel off to her friends.  
 On Monday, C received his Herbst appliance to better his jaw alignment.  His entire mouth is metal!  A bit uncomfortable but he has enjoyed his share of frozen yogurt dinners and milkshakes to better the pain.  
 Our homeschool co-op is in full swing with lots of arts and crafts for the little ones.  Meanwhile, C is thumbing his way through Physics and P is busy learning about Earth Science.  It is on this day in particular that I miss MK.  I see her sweet friends and they always want to know where she is!  While I know she is living the life in Kindergarten, I do miss her constant talking and giggly little self being with us.  
 Speaking of MK....notice anything different???  Thankfully, she hasn't asked to get her ears pierced yet anytime there is a way to wear a bit of bling without the pain, she is all smiles!  I found the most adorable collection of clip-on earrings and MK is in love!
 On the Friday that MK hurt her toe, we were supposed to take her out to her favorite restaurant, Miyabi, where "they cook in front of you!"  Needless to say, we all spent that night with our tummies empty in an ER.  Finally, we had the opportunity to celebrate Kindergarten with MK at Miyabi.  MK smiled the entire time!  However, I was a bit alarmed when the server brought out chopsticks for the girls.  Maddox began immediately to stir Ryan's drink with her set and MK promptly asked, "What are these things?"  Hmmm.  I am happy to report that both girls ate at least a portion of their dinner using the chopsticks appropriately!
 Maddox was a tad nervous about the flinging of knives and the massive displays of fire.  
 Random photo that could not be overlooked.....Maddox loves to take her own picture with my phone - there are more than plenty to look at but rarely is her whole face, not to mention someone else's whole face, in the photo.  
 The frozen yogurt craze has hit our family!  The little frozen treat is part of our weekly schedule now and a perfect way to celebrate our time together each week!  
No doubt we have our ups and downs, our hems and haws of life.  However, these days with them, not one of them, would I ever wish away.  My precious babies, each of them their own little person and perfect in every.single.way.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Once upon a time there was a family who desperately yearned for a daughter from China.  During their search, God took a moment to introduce our family to their family - we know this was a God thing for we were the only two English speaking couples in line for fingerprinting on that day.  Two years later, they came home with their beautiful baby girl, Junie.
 And somewhere between our meeting and their referral, I introduced them to my other friend through adoption, Donna.  (Below, Junie and Donna's girls are ready for the fight - does it show that they all have older brothers?!)  Donna is my friend that makes me cringe when I see her emails pop up in my inbox.  She is the heart of hearts when it comes to matching children with their forever families.  Donna doesn't email to ask about what's for dinner; instead, she emails to show you the hundreds of children who are waiting for the families to come get them.  
 So on Saturday, our three families gathered together for a little swimming and outdoor fun and to meet the newest addition, Ian.  Though little Elise is screaming in this picture, we all had so much fun catching up and watching as our children went about their day together.....there were no dull moments:)  MK even braved the pool for the first time since her toe incident.  
 The little ones are hard to capture on camera due to their busy little bodies moving around so fast....who can keep up?!  However, just as Elise was about to leave, Maddox headed over to have a little one on one conversation with was precious to see.  These two came home within a month of each other in 2011 and they are only a week apart in age.
 Me + AG (and sweet Junie) + Donna
Ever wonder what swimming, eating the hottest wings ever and pizza have in common?  Combined they make you feel a little loopy, as shown below. 
 The faces of adoption.  Love that all of these guys are home, safe, loved and celebrated forever!