Monday, December 2, 2013

Clarks Hill Christmas Tree Farm 2013

Our Day At The Christmas Tree Farm - 2013
Maddox was the first to find the perfect tree, just her size and her father was pleased by its price:)
 We were some of the first to arrive and we took full advantage of a longer hayride through the back of the farm.  So peaceful.  The weather was perfect and the only sound we heard was the humming tractor leading our way.
 The children soon decided to tromp through the gallery of trees....their giggles and laughter were aplenty.  Simple music to my ears.
 Alas, a tree was found, debated over, and the decision was made.....
 and as tradition goes, the tree hugging picture was taken prior to hearing the word, "TIMBER!"
 MK chose to make a school day out of the adventure and added up the lines to calculate the age of our tree.
 But enough was had with the serious stuff and she quickly went silly on us grabbing two sticks and claiming to be a reindeer.
 Unbelievable.  These two allowed for a rare photo op amongst the trees sans goofy facemaking.  We are so thankful for these two.
 Maddox found the perfect seat as we waited for the hayride.
 A little corn hole was played.....
 and the snacks were eaten....
 our family favorite hide-n-seek in the trees was played.....
 a bit of football throwing occurred.....
 and then it was time for the annual "how tall am I?" picture.....seriously, can they grow up any faster???
Our day was done and I, keeping with tradition, said, "Ok, no movie watching on the way home.  We are going to listen to Christmas music."  To my surprise, all four said, "YES!!!"  
So following an afternoon of memories in the making, we all climbed into our van with the tree resting on top and we drove off with the radio blaring our favorite Christmas tunes....fabulous day!