Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week has been our first week of school, ballet, art, basketball and is the beginning of the beginning.  We still have to add in IEW (writing), swimming, and baseball.  So this week I started something new, something new that I should have started a long, long time ago....a daily list of "to-dos."  Thankfully, it has helped keep this otherwise scatterbrained mother in one piece!

Having one in kindergarten and one in preschool has its advantages and disadvantages.....on one hand it is quiet and gives me a chance to keep up with the boys and their daily assignments as well instruct them without constant interruption from little people about the house.  On the other hand, it is quiet and I miss my little people and their constant interruption from time to time....that said, they are both thrilled with school - no tears, all smiles, all.week.long.

The bewitching hour is when MK gets home.  Our home goes from quiet to chaotic in a matter of 10 seconds flat.  Everyone misses MK so when she walks in the door it is all squeals and everyone wants to talk with her at once and they want her to answer their questions about her day.  All the while, she is wanting to share with everyone so she is talking while others are asking and it is just, well, chaotic.  Truly, I just want to curl up in a corner with her and soak up a moment of time with her all to myself...that, my friends, has yet to happen.  My "curl up in a corner moment" takes place in the car.  After this week, I have discovered that the only one-on-one time I am going to get with her will take place in the car when I pick her up from school....I have about 10 minutes and then we are home.

A toe update....tonight MK dropped a bottle of hair conditioner on her toe in the shower.  OUCH!  Her already falling off toenail is now hanging on by ONE stitch.  There was quite a bit of blood and many, many tears but nothing a little chocolate pudding and a Barbie movie couldn't take care of.  Here's hoping to better things to come in the future for her little broken toe.

My Maddox quote for the week.....we were taking a walk one day together.  She was on her bike and I was pushing her.  She kept steering into the grass, not on purpose but that is where she was headed a good bit of the time.  She looked up at me and said, "That grass driving me nuts!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

13 families, 13 beautiful, well adjusted, thriving kiddos plus three on the way home soon!  Celebrating adoption; it simply doesn't get any better!  The minute the last family leaves our home, our boys and girls are already asking when we will have another gathering!  
 Monday morning came too fast for me:)  MK requested donuts for her special breakfast.....after all, it was her first day of Kindergarten!  
 She was all smiles from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed.  When I asked her what her favorite part of her day was, she said, "Probably nap time!"  Then I asked her who she played with and she said, "Well, mom, I don't even know these people!"  She wanted so badly to purchase lunch at school so I let her.  After all, it was pizza day.  So I asked her what she had for lunch and she got the most excited look on her face and she squealed, "Oh mom, it was the best....we could make choices so I chose a peanut butter sandwich and it was the best!"  Hmmmm.
 Thankfully, Maddox was all smiles on her first day of school as well.  Her teachers were thankful too:)  It seems there are quite a few little ones who were less than happy in Maddox's class.  Maddox walked around telling them, "Mommy always comes back!"  Yep, that is right!  Mommy always comes back....I tell her that every time I leave her.  Granted, Maddox has a little advantage over the other children....she had the same teachers over the summer so they are all best buddies!
 Another first....our littlest ballerina.  She was so precious!  And oh so excited!  She walked right in and only looked back to blow me a kiss.
 She came out and promptly began showing me what she had learned!  One must take note of her tights.  They are beyond ginormous.  However, she was, under no circumstances, going to allow me to take them off.  So in she went with ginormous tights and she danced her heart out!  Gotta love her spirit!