Sunday, January 29, 2017

Five Months of Forever

 Five months of forever looks good on this little one!
 The first year with an adopted child can be so similar to your first year with a newborn.  It is a year of growth and learning, it is a year of firsts and a year of moving forward.
 The transformation of an orphan child to cherished one - the magnitude of that is breathtaking.
 Our little Chapman McKensie is moving right along.  Her language growth has been the most outstanding thing to watch this month.  She copies everything.  She tells us to "come here" and she yells at the dog to "hush!" and she points to her desires and says, "dat, want dat"....and one can't forget every time we walk by the candy dish, she looks so sad and says, "all gone" and throws her hands up in the air.
 The cutest part to see with her language is when she says in her little Italian accent, "Ma-Ma!" and then says a whole bunch of gibberish as if it all means something.....the thing is, she looks at you straight in the eyes as if she is saying something meaningful.  And if you say, "what?" she will repeat herself and she seems quite perplexed that we don't understand.  
 Her physical development is moving right along.  We are three months post-op and this little one is running, jumping, climbing....she sees everything as an adventure and is fearless.  She appears to be quite a little diva perfectionist and if she doesn't get it the first time, she moves on to something else....she has no time for the challenge of failure.
 The hard looks like this.
She cries loudly when we do not oblige her every desire.
She loves to say the word, "No"
She has a little temper and is not afraid to use it.  
She has no time for sharing her mommy with her sisters.
All of these are challenges we expected and are totally normal but, woosa, they can be a tough match when this momma is tired!
 The good.
Well, this little one is oozing with sweetness.  She smiles easily and laughs the best laugh ever.  Her voice is so angelic.  She is the most entertaining little one to watch....her curiosity overcomes her and it is just funny to observe her in the situations she puts herself into.  She loves to snuggle.  She sleeps well.  She eats well.  She is just happy and easy to enjoy!
 One year ago, we were just absorbing the fact that we would be parents to another little girl.  And today we have the privilege of holding her, loving her , comforting her and introducing her to all things new.....including the beach!
 In true Chapman fashion, she didn't miss a beat.  Her little feet hit the sand and off she went!
 A first....
 I love that we are her family. 
 I love that we are the ones who have the privilege to watch her grow and explore all things new.
 I love that we get to hold her and comfort her.
 I love that for five short months, we have had a first row seat in watching this little one bloom.  She is a gift, our gift, and we are so thankful for her life!