Saturday, December 24, 2016

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Chapman made her first appearance at the Tisdale Family Christmas Party and thoroughly enjoyed herself!  She met aunts and uncles and spent time playing with cousins and, most importantly, she ate Christmas goodies!
 It began to rain outside so we convinced Aunt Nancy to play the Oreo game.....
 all of the children were sports and the laughter was priceless!
 The Tisdale crew....minus several but thankful for the ones who were able to be there.
 Then we hopped over to G-Mom and G-Dad's house for a Christmas celebration!
 And then to the Lights at the Zoo
(this, all in one day - phew!)
 Perfect night
 though the weather was iffy with rain in the forecast, we lucked out and only got a sprinkle of snow here and there....
 The children all enjoyed the carousel...
 these two thoroughly enjoyed their time together....
 and these two were quite the pair on the carousel....Jay-man loves his momma!
 Maddox and the is likely the only real snow to hit the south!
 Mr. Snowman....I couldn't quite figure this guy out....he was like and inflatable but he moved....weird.
 Maryn had her Christmas program at preschool and she was quite the star!
 We love this little one's personality so much....she is rarely at a loss for words and/or expressions!
 Maddox wrote what she would do to make the Grinch grin....she really has the sweetest heart.
 Maddox's drawing of a gingerbread house....I love her detail and design....
 Maryn had her Christmas ballet performance....she LOVES this lion outside of the studio and insists on a pic each week with it!
 Polar Express Day for Maddox's first grade class.....we love Mrs. Robertson!
 Little Miss....words cannot express the messes she gets herself into, ha.
 MK and friends making snowflakes for our cookie decorating party....
 and then the real fun, the cookie decorating!
 Neighbors make the best of friends and we are so thankful for ours!
 Take Two Christmas cookie decorating.....
 Little Miss was so into decorating her little Christmas tree....
 These two....I wish big things for them!  They are "sister friends" and they are the best!
 MK, our designer.  And Maryn, our eater of designs....I am pretty sure her mouth is full of something delicious!
 This sweet baby and her thumb.  I just can't get enough!