Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This child is a light in everyone's step that meets her! 
Our old soul.
My hippy baby.
Our "make up the rules as you play the game" kiddo.
Our future physician.
Our picky eater...."I don't care for that" - we hear it way too often:)
This year she learned to read, she learned to ride her bike without training wheels, she began gymnastics and said goodbye to ballet for the time being, she was the fastest six and under backstroke and freestyle swimmer in our league.....she will begin school with her big sister and be in the FIRST GRADE!  Amazing!  
God is so good and I am so thankful for this little one and all that she has brought into our lives!  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We are weeks away from meeting our sixth child, our fourth daughter from China.  This is simply mind-blowing in many ways.  We began this journey just six short months ago with a peace about us that was perfect in every way, a peace that only God alone could have supplied.  Many close to us shook their heads while many others shouted praises.  We are thankful for the praises!  It is so hard to be around family members who don't even want to try to understand our hearts for adoption.  Yet, we will always, always trudge forward and fight for each orphaned child.  It is our calling.
So, where are we now in the process?  On Thursday, July 28, just one month shy of Chapman's second birthday, we will officially be waiting on our invitation from the Chinese government.  Once this invitation is received, we will be on our way in an estimated three weeks time.  Sounds easier than it really is!  We are in our "9th" month of pregnancy, if you will.  We are at that moment in the process/pregnancy where we are just done and ready to move on with the show.  Best case scenario is that our invitation comes in a matter of days and we are on our way to China by the end of August! A more realistic scenario, according to our agency and mandated Chinese holidays, has us landing in China in mid-October.
My mother told me recently not to worry, she will be here in due time.  And I am not worrying per say but I am anxiously awaiting the next step.  Waiting is ok with me.  It is the unknown that can make me a bit antsy.
And so I continue to go back to my "life" verse Proverbs 19:21 which reads "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but is is the purpose of the Lord that will stand." Amen. and Amen.  This verse applies to so much in my own life and my growth in my walk with the Lord.

For this season, school is in our mix.  This year we will have a Junior doing a dual enrollment stint with his high school and our local university; an 8th grader schooling at home for his last year of homeschool; a fourth grader and a first grader at our local elementary school; and our preschooler attending preschool three mornings each week.  We are so excited about embarking on this new adventure and we look forward to watching them learn new things this year!  Add in cross country, baseball, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, piano, chorus and art club - we will be one busy, happy family this Fall!

I am so thankful for each of my babies.  And my Ryan.  As we were delivering Colin, Ryan said to me that we would do this child thing one kiddo at a time.  This summer has been about our kiddos.  We have set aside a "date night" with a different child each week.  We have enjoyed this time immensely with them!  So much so that we have decided to continue this newest activity through the school year.  It allows for so much - the conversations, the singling them out and making them know just how special they are to us, we all get to slow down and just enjoy the moment where we all are whether it is with our four year old or our sixteen year old.  MK often asks, "Mom, what would you do if you were to go to work?"  And I always respond, "I am doing the job I have always wanted to do - be a mother and have lots of kiddos running around to love on!"  Yes, it is hard and, at times, overwhelming, but I do love each and every moment I am given with them!  The children are so excited to welcome Chapman into our lives.  We talk about her often and wonder aloud what she may be doing.  We have moved furniture around in preparation and her clothes are hung and ready to wear!  All we need is our sweet girl at home!