Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Wednesday morning we officially put away all Tylenol, Motrin, flashlights and thermometers and gladly began a time of wellness within our home!  Three weeks of a lurking throat/fever virus about the house was enough to make our heads spin.  
Everyone who knows our family knows we like a good reason to celebrate so on Friday that is exactly what we did....celebrated wellness.  We began our afternoon at our favorite little yogurt shop and then dashed off to the local pumpkin patch, an annual tradition.  
Maddox was all about the wagons on hand.....she pulled them, rode in them and loaded them full of her favorite pumpkins, big and small.  **Take note of her poor little eye - sweet girl walked right in front of her big sister on a swing, which is never a good combination.  
Our beautiful kindergartner.  She was so excited to find her very own pumpkin to carve.  
And Pryce....well, he was all about avoiding the camera and searching for the largest, most round pumpkin ever!  Eventually, I cornered him to capture a quick shot.  **He was given the Best Hitter award at his baseball party this week.  SO proud of this guy.  
And Colin....this kiddo is amazing.  Daily, he teaches me something new.  He is hilarious.  
The Fab Four

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My favorite Maddox saying lately is when all is settling down at night and the girls are in bed waiting for me to lay with them and sing.  If I am not prompt enough, Maddox begins to say, ever so loudly, "Mommy, please goodnight me!"