Monday, July 17, 2017

Random Summer Bliss

There is one trophy missing....hmmm.  Colin, Pryce, MK, Maddox and Maryn were our swim team peeps this summer.  So proud of each of them!  
 Christmas in June!  My mom, sister and niece....we joined them to see the Lion King up close and personal!  It was fabulous!
 A Day At The Lake
 We celebrated Father's Day a week later at the lake....
 this little one did not miss a beat!  She even jumped into the lake like she owned it!
 Of course, Pryce has to do things to make me a wee bit nervous!
 Thankfully, Colin has a bit more sense and just hangs out!
 Little Maryn....this girl is everything fun and sweet!
 Maddox tubed with Ms Kirstin....
 Daddy and Chapman took the day in!  Great memories were made....note, I do not tube well especially when tubing with Pryce who constantly insists that the boat speed up!
 Our Allstars
Pryce Backstroke
MK Backstroke and IM
Maddox Backstroke
SO proud of these guys!
 Watermelon fun...
 pretty sure she loved every bite except when she unknowingly bit into the rind :/
 Maddox received the "cutest" award and quickly noted to me that she received this reward last year as well!
 This little princess was so excited to receive her very first trophy...
 the best part was that she could use it as a mirror to see her incredibly red tongue after eating a red lollipop!
 The girls enjoyed playing at the park a few mornings while MK was at ballet....
 this little piece of happiness is just all kinds of spice and everything nice!
 Relaxing poolside has been amazing this summer in the evenings!
 Of course, some of us don't relax unless we are sound asleep, lol
 Gran and the baby girls
Sometimes one must just sit back and relax
 So pretty!  MJ arrived and we were all about giving it a try on!
 Messy hair don't care, right?!
 These little loves were wide awake preparing for their lemonade stand by 6 am.  They made everything themselves!
 I adore their hearts and pray each day that God uses them in the biggest of ways!  Together they raised $43 and could not wait to give it to our church!
 Chapman approved of the lemonade and kept asking fore more!  
 This girl....she is such a blessing to all of us!  She is tough at times but my heart is full of love for this little spice!  

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