Thursday, May 18, 2017

Always On The GO!

Our sweet baby girl has not had her hair cut at all since we arrived home with her from China.  She has been home almost eight months and her hair is finally long enough to do piggies!  So cute....and it lasted all of about five minutes! Ha!
 Maryn completed her second year of ballet....
 She loves to have her picture taken with this lion on the way into ballet each week!
 MK performed an end of the year chorus performance....the music selections were from the Sound of Music!  I love the Sound of Music and I have especially enjoyed hearing MK sing and sing each song while she is doing homework or just hanging out.  
 Number 5....I have come to terms with sometimes you just leave the house letting child wear what they want to wear!
 Sweet baby girl went to Mother's Day Out for one day each week beginning in January.  She was such a trooper and only cried a few times in the the end of the year, she was going in as if she owned the place!  This girl is a rockstar for sure!  With her thumb security, she can do big things!
 Our little preschool performers....PreK 3 and Toddler Class....
 I don't normally get the big carts when we shop....I try to fit them and whatever I am buying in the small one to avoid the chaos of the large one!  On this day, the girls were thrilled when I said YES to the big cart!  And they were sooooo good!  
 Field Day
MK is a boss!
 Last day of Pre K 3
Ms. Stacy and Ms. TK were fabulous for our girl!
 Field Day for Maddox....this girl took one look at the field, shed the first drop of sweat and she was DONE.  We took a pic with her favorite teacher and off we went to go shopping and to the orthodontist!  Maddox is not about the outdoors, lol.
 I am working for a company called Matilda Jane.  I love this opportunity because it allows me to give back to organizations in our community.  Recently, customers purchased MJ pillowcases and the girls and I delivered them to the children's hospital.  We hope that the patients will feel a little bit more at ease with a case that looks a bit more like home!
 Maddox Ren
 Our sweet girl will turn 8 years old this summer! 
 She began asking in January if we could possibly do a birthday party with her friends from school before summer vacation....
 sometimes you just have to say YES!!!
 She was so excited about her special day with all of her favorite people!
 Our "Hilton" crew....these girls all live across the street or next door....there are 11 total and we just LOVE that our girls have such sweet friends surrounding them as they grow!  
 And the girls that have surrounded Maddox this year in her First Grade classroom...
 well, they have been nothing short of amazing!  Maddox has met some incredibly sweet little girls and I have had the pleasure of being with a group of the each week.....memories have been made!
 Mother's Day
I love being surrounded by my six favorite little people each and every day of my life!  They stretch me, they keep me in check and they bring smiles and laughter even on the hard days!
 Maddox's First Grade class held their Poetry Tea.  Each child shared a poem of their choice with the class and their parents followed by a reception with cookies and tea!  It was super sweet and brought tears to everyone's eyes!
 Swim team season is here and we have another swimmer in the house!
 Catching minnows with plastic cups....they tried so hard!
 A baby wipes box is what everyone sits on to get their nails done, right?!?!
 Tire City Potters
 MK has been a member of her school's art club this year.  
 Each child was given a vase to decorate.  Seeing the different pieces of art being created was a treat!  
 MK added eyes, a nose, a mouth and a bow to hers!  Can't wait to see the final product!
This girl wants to be just like the bigs in her world!  

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